Bernie Sanders STILL Fighting For “Medicare For All”!

Bernie Sanders CRUSHES Trumpcare in CNN Interview with Erin Burnett

16 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders STILL Fighting For “Medicare For All”!

  1. No I don’t want health insurance today. I’m perfectly fine. I’ll get health insurance when I break my leg or find out I have cancer.

    • That’s right. Which is why I’m glad to be Canadian and enjoy having a health care system were if I do break my leg and visit a hospital I’m treated right away and not left with a $10,000 bill.

  2. Single payer healthcare works in every country of the civilized world except the USA where insurance industry corporate DEATH PANELS pick who lives and who dies.


  3. watch out Bernie there screwing the hole country in every way there trying the shock the system with a over load of crap so they can sneak a way to change the constitution and there only a few state from being able to do such a thing scary yet are we the people winning yet there going to rob the country of everything they can its all a disaster open up your eyes

  4. I have the uncanny feeling that reporters like Erin Burnett are out to try and trip Bernie up. First McConnell holds secret, closed door sessions on their health care bill and then he has the audacity to claim that the Dems are not interested. And then to add insult to injury Burnett brings it up as if accusing Bernie of not being interested, as if what McConnell says is the truth and everyone else should have to defend themselves.

  5. Fleecing rich people on luxury items, just because you can is one thing. But fleecing poor people on medication, and health care, is a disgrace! Capitalism has gone way to far! They got way to greedy, and their greed, kills poor people! Its a disgrace! America is a disgrace, and an embarrassment to the rest of the world, in how we treat people!!

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