Public Pressure Building On Medicare For All

Your petitions and signatures are having real effects. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"With the Republican attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) going down in flames Friday as Americans rallied to defend their right to healthcare, Democrats are being urged, both by experts and constituents, to seize on the moment and counter with a plan that will truly provide coverage for all.

Uproar over the GOP's American Health Care Act (AHCA), which was estimated to strip 24 million people of their healthcare by 2026, prompted a political firestorm as it drove voters across the nation to town halls and local legislative offices to demand that House Republicans vote against the bill.

After the White House called on House Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) to withdraw Friday's scheduled vote (after an aggressive lobby effort on the part of both President Donald Trump and Ryan), many are looking to what happens next.

Though the Republican narrative that Obamacare is "imploding" has been proven to be an unfounded talking point, The Week's Ryan Cooper argued Friday that Democrats "shouldn't sit idly by and wait for Republicans to slowly bleed Obamacare to death by other means.””*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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Public Pressure Building On Medicare For All

75 thoughts on “Public Pressure Building On Medicare For All

  1. I was chillin’ at the bar. Suddenly a friend walks by….
    my friend said that he likes TYT . There’s only one thing to do…
    <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - --- /﹋

    • You know what. you’re right. There’s just a hell of a lot more criminals and lunatics in the USA. The laws on guns and gun ownership in modern nations don’t have any bearing on the situation. It is the lack of criminals and lunatics.

  2. Its common sense . Healthcare should be a human right. Why would people argue against their own life? ( unless they are a trumptard)

    • Correction, government welfare programs are only for the rich and powerful to line their pockets.*
      Non-government charities are there to help the poor.
      You rich shills are pathetic liars.

    • Barron Stankus that’s the problem….only the wealthy will have access to premium care. Right now, a vast majority of Americans have access to the best of the best care when it matters most. Single payers gives you more doctor visits but they are at shitty hospitals with overburdened and underpaid staff. Only the wealthy will have access to premium care. That is the problem with Single payer systems.

  3. wow im the first real viewer that commented. Why do you guys so quick to hate. there wasn’t even enough time to watch the whole thing. sad!

    • John Ignorance: _”That reminds me of a word. Projection. That’s it”_
      Yes. We’ve all noticed your latest word. Try not to wear it out as fast as you did the last one. Here’s a tip: try lubing it up with some context, or surrounding it with some other load-bearing words to help share stress. That should extend its life a little until the new word comes along.

    • John Ignorance: _”I got a word for you. Troll”_
      Baby steps. There’s the germ of an idea in that, I suppose.
      One of your principal problems is that you mistake insult for argument.
      Maybe you’ll go back to Cali one day, once you’ve saved up enough.
      Yes, I’ll take fries with that.

    • John Sanchez: _”lower taxes so the cost of living drops 70 – 80%”_
      John (Ignorance is) Bliss is currently transitioning from human-like to otherkin. As with many degenerative processes, the stench can be staggering, and the by-products are often toxic. But we have to respect his brave choice, and it’s possible there may be some use for him in the glorious new world going forward. Slime moves in mysterious ways.

  4. Meh I could roll with universal government run healthcare. Its better than the system we have now with O-care. But what we should be striving for is LESS government in our healthcare and insurance market. The best system would be one where government completely leaves the equation and the free market regulates its own low prices through market competition and the American people would benefit greatly.

    • whyamimrpink: Medicare and medicaid are not “losing money” because they are not in the business of making money in the first place. And SS’s total annual income has been exceeding its total annual cost since 1982.

    • Medicare and medicaid is losing money, they admitted to it. SS is losing money as well. That is why Bernie wants to raise taxes so it can remain solvent for longer but for only around 47 years based on his numbers.

    • whyamimrpink78 You mean the way you read my comment about Alec not reading the Constitution, but didn’t understand it wasn’t directed at you? No, I’m sure your comprehension skills are the standard we should live by.

    • Alec Smith You mean the white slave owners who didn’t want woman or blacks to vote? Damn I guess we can never change it then, well unless we make an amendment or bring the Medicare age eligibility to 0.,…, dumbass

    • Cook, do you know anyone that was a slave or know anyone that owned slaves? No. Get over it, that excuse is old. Get a job

    • How is liberalism keeping America from being great?
      America is the most generous country, and the most resistant to greed so far.

    • Trump loves Russia. Apparently his whole cabinet does. Let’s see what the investigations discover. MaGa? So you admit America isn’t great then. To make it great again is saying it’s not currently that way. When was it last great to you? 1950? 1862? Guilded age?

    • xxtoronto xo: _”trinidad, you should google it. “_
      Google “how to answer a simple question”, you defensive refugee.
      Look! I’ve made it easy for you.

  5. i am in canada we have free healthcare not the best but it works i had cancer and when i need chemo and radiation i didn’t need to lose everything for my care which i have to say was the best care i have ever received so US should think about it.

  6. Who pay for that? Simple, tax the rich more, or defund the military.
    And im giving just 2 of hundreds of options.

    • Your right, United Kingdom NHS is what we should look at… oh wait in debt and doctors working 100 hours a week? We best not look at that either… that’s going to be a constitutional issue if we are FORCING people to WORK.

    • @DunHilda Docters already work long hours in the US. The US is in more debt then the UK and being employed by the government isn’t slavery. You can quit at an time.

    • Many misconceptions. There is also a private healthcare sector and this “FORCING people to WORK” thing is pure fantasy.

  7. The government will NEVER pass this on their own. WE need to put immense pressure on them to do it.
    If we can’t unite around Healthcare, then we might as well give up and just let Exxon Mobil make all of our decisions.

  8. If we can spend Billions and Trillions for the military to fight these endless wars, we can certainly use that money to pay for free Health Care for all and Higher Education

    • You say corporations aren’t people yet you equate them with taxing poor people when you tax businesses. Brilliant. This is a tactic the GOP use and you are buying their bullshit hook, like and sinker. They run to (and use) small businesses and the poor when it suits them and their arguments. Supply Side economics has been tried over and over, and fails every time. It only creates more debt and more burden on the middle class and poor to cover everything. Demand Side economics, where it gives more purchasing power to people who will spend it into the economy, worked from FDR all the way up to Carter. Corporations and the wealthy will take whatever they can get, and they always want more (where it stagnates in bank accounts, only generating interest for them to spend), but it’s at a cost.

    • Taxes are a yearly fee that costs infinitely more than free market solutions.
      Everyone gets robbed yearly* and uses it when wanted.*
      Hospitalization only costs thousands because of government involvement.
      Without any government involvement, it would cost a couple hundred at the most expensive.
      Free market out of pocket pay costs 70 – 80% less than insurance.

    • So you’re criticizing me for stating a fact that’s consistent. That’s some epic fail right there.
      I like how you call all liberals GOP slaves.
      Yes, government intervention in the economy has a 100% failure rate.
      Overtaxation keeps the poor and middle class in the lower rungs.
      FDR kept the great depression going while businesses and the free market was fixing it.
      Your shilling for the rich and powerful is extremely pathetic.

  9. 5 democrats! Bohoooo.. You wont even get enough democrat support let alone any Republican support ROFL. Remember libtards. We have the numbers! And most importantly the presidency. Who can and will veto any bill!

    • jake williams expect his numbers to go down if he vetos Medicare for all especially if he ran on that message, trump ran on Medicare for all i think before the primaries or a little after it started and people voted for him because of that.

    • A lot of the blame can be put on Paul Ryan for sure. But he is not the only one. Trump is also to blame to. Conservatives have to realise that “Trump” is not exsolved from responsibility from everything since he is the president. He acted to soon. He wanted to push through a bill which was doomed to fail on a issue as complex as healthcare.. What is he thinking he can push through such a bill and get the support in 2 weeks.. For someone who calls himself a great negotiator it looks as though this something that can be put into the books as a catastrophe. Trump was not very instrumental in the process either. Which as the president. He should of been.

  10. The only reason why there is a need for health care, is because the same people supplying it, are the people giving you gmo’s, poisons, you name it to keep their big pharma alive.

    Wake up people… this is way over the top ridiculousness

    • “the industrial influence”

      What? You mean you expect all factories to close, all cars to stop running on exhaust, all power plants to shut down?

    • Michael 마익흘 Aronson yes, they are using methods that have been outdated for almost 70 years, free energy is out now, there is no need for oil and coal.

    • “free energy is out now, there is no need for oil and coal”

      1. We’re not talking about progression of technology. You claimed people who supply health care are responsible for cancers, and the cited industrial influence. The health care industry has nothing to do with power plants.

      2. The fact there is better technology now for power has nothing to do with health care.

    • Michael 마익흘 Aronson the only reason we are still using oil and coal is because of how much money the industry makes, if free energy became mainstream, the oil companies would be out of business, with the car companies and most other industries.

      I don’t mean get rid of all factories, but I mean get rid of the out dated fuel resources, and convert them to 0 point energy.

      Unfortunately there is too much profit in the oil companies, so they will go down with the ship (us) to keep them in business

    • “the only reason we are still using oil and coal”

      I don’t care. We’re talking about health care. Take off your tin foil hat and focus.

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