Dems Are Recognizing The ‘Medicare For All Litmus Test’

Democrats eying the 2020 presidential contest could soon face a "Medicare-for-all" litmus test from the party's progressive base.
After last month's failure of President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to repeal Obamacare, progressives are going on offense, mounting a new push for single-payer health insurance…

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Dems Are Recognizing The 'Medicare For All Litmus Test'

70 thoughts on “Dems Are Recognizing The ‘Medicare For All Litmus Test’

  1. Why would we need universal health care coverage? We should focus our resources on abolishing safe spaces, feminism, and social justice on college campuses! The real problems in our country!

    Edit: *This was sarcasm, hence the Bernie profile pic and deliberate exaggeration*

    • Tommy Vo there wasn’t enough clues to have it be taken as sarcasm. I like to say Murcia when I speak faux right wing bullshit.

    • I once made a sarcastic comment on one of Kyle’s videos, hell, I even used “/s” to indicate it was a sarcastic post. And I *still* had people taking the comment seriously! *facepalm*

    • To be fair, sarcasm in text is harder than ever to detect with how stupid people actually are. I guess knowing how to type comments has become easy enough so even the dumbest of people can do it now.

      So it’s just as likely someone is being serious, as they are being sarcastic.

    • I Get the sarcasm in your statement. However I would like to point out as a Progressive that doesn’t agree with most of those topics That’s what most of us have been saying all along. We really shouldn’t be worried about safe sapces, the Feminist rhetoric about the imaginary wage gap (However there is very much an earnings gap which needs to be fixed.) when we have bigger things to worry about. It is why most people don’t take things like Single Payer sirously. Now with that said there are some very legitimate problems that these groups bring up. Such as the earnings gap, police violince, womens reproductive rights, and LGTBQ+ rights. Those are big problems that really and truely need to be addressed. But safe spaces, pronouns? I’m sorry how you feel about those things, but to the rest of world it’s childish.But I’ll be more than happy to talk about those things once we fix the big isuse that I ahve brought up and other big things I haven’t had time to talk about. Now I will wait for all the hate coming my way from people that read into this and will put words in my mouth, or people that didn’t read everything I said and so on.

    • WWZenaDo Yes man Look at Europe there letting Baffoons and Idiot Parties Get Power Just So They can Hypocritaly have there Little Safe Space from People who Have Nothing to do with There Personal or National Issues…but I will tell you…Your Nation have EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE PROBLEMS THOSE REFUGEES FACE.

    • That’s what Shapiro, Crowder and Levin keep saying every time healthcare and SP/UHC are brought up. What’s worse, you have people disinterested in politics arguing that “if pundits like Kyle says A and pundits like Shapiro said B,, the whole thing is probably fake news.”

    • Kevin Rios Libertarianism is the opposite of authoritarianism, and against the state having power over everyone. Socialism is a word that was (and still is by many including myself) used to describe an economic system where the means of production are owned publicly not privately. It is against the rich having power over everyone. Libertarianism and socialism make sense together as they both are ideologies that advocate for power and money to be in the hands of the people, not an elite few.

  2. Tell your congressperson to support H.R.676 – Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act
    call (202)225-3121 and ask them to connect you to your congressperson.

    • What if my congressperson is Republican? I live in SC and there is only 1 Dem for the entire state and he is in the House so idk if he supports HR 676 or not.

    • Mr. President Still give it a try. You might be surprised at the response….and even if not, you can still try to press the issue as much as possible. Remember, they work for YOU.

    • Mr. President Google HR 676 and the congress site has the list of supporters attached. And about the republicans try to continue to press them to town halls and let them know that they represent you and they can be voted out.

  3. The only time I’m hoping for ads is when I’m watching secular talk. I literally haven’t seen one all day or in the past few. This is seriously unbelievable. Guess it’s time to make a Patreon account. Forgive my spelling of it

  4. If I run as a Green I’d have to collect 20,000 signatures in 3 months. That’s how these 2 corrupt parties keep the status quo.

    • I mean, I guess it depends on what percent of the total voters for whatever office you want to run for, but having some sort of minimal bar is not bad in principle. I mean, think of how often people f**k up now with ballots… if any dumba** could get onto the ballot it would merely cause even lower turnout. I would imagine that the 20,000 signatures is still quite small compared to the number of votes needed to win whatever the office. If you can’t do the signatures do you honestly believe achieving the other, likely larger, number of votes?

      Other than that, yeah no s**t. That sort of stuff is why people say, & accurately say, 3rd parties cannot win a national election like for president, is extremely unlikely to win a Senate seat. Until a lot of the problems are dealt with & changed that fact is not going change. They keep the status quo because people let them.

  5. NY is trying to pass a single payer healthcare reform. It passed the assembly, but it is not passing the senate by a few votes.

    • Global Warming Skeptic, you compare apples to oranges when you stated the average cost of medicare patients to the average American. Medicare only goes to disabled and elderly people. Of course it costs more to insure old and disabled people compared to the young healthy people. The fact that the difference is so little proves just how much better medicare is.

    • +Global Warming Skeptic If you look up healthcare costs per capita per annum by country, the US pays most and Switzerland pays second-most. Please explain why these countries (especially the US) pay so much more than countries with universal healthcare, but the US has a shorter life-expectancy.

    • That’s because medicare covers old people,and doesn’t negotiate drug prices like free-market Singapore and Hong Kong,they admit they have a British NHS style system,read their Pdfs, and Go to healthcare Triage’s Channel if you don’t believe me. a AGAIN, OBAMACARE WAS A RIGHT WING IDEA SPONSORED BY THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION TO COUNTER THE COMPLEX, WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY SPONSORED HILLARYCARE ALONG WITH OTHER PREDICTABLE PLAYERS. But go ahead,tell me taxation is theft unless its military spending,corporate welfare,police,and court system and spend 4.6 TRILLION that goes up by 400 billion every year on non-emergency services because you cant wait for a fucking hip replacement.

    • Yeah they need to be voted out my point is last year they would try to act like this stuff is radical and we are crazy now the political climate has changed

  6. Hahahaha its so funny because if hillary went “medicare-for-all” after she robbed bernie I would have happily voted for her. Single most important issue in the USA today!

    • Hahahaha it’s so funny that you thought the party that ran on repealing the ACA was better than the party that wanted to expand it. Good way to encourage Democrats to run on ensuring the privatization of health care next election.

  7. Medicare for all would add 32 trillion dollars to the national debt making it 51 trillion dollars. Kyle, you just want to bankrupt this country.

    • While our current system will cost people 50 trillion dollars for the very same thing (healthcare,) minus a few tens of millions of people actually being able to get it & that cost coming out of your pocket instead of your taxes. Hmm… 50 trillion & multiple tens of millions of people who don’t get healthcare vs. 32 trillion dollars & everyone gets it…. gee that’s extremely tough decision…. Jake, why do you want to bankrupt the people in this country & torture them on top of it by forcing them to suffer through health issues that are easily fixed?

    • None of that is true though. Why do you want to bankrupt this country and raise national debt to 50 trillion dollars? Why do you want significantly raise taxes on people to pay for something which is not a right? I can afford my own healthcare unlike you. I don’t want to Duh duh duh redistribute wealth from others who work hard for it and give to the bums in society, the losers, and the stupid.

    • None of that is true… wtf do you think by not passing this medicare-for-all bill that healthcare suddenly becomes free? Yeah it is off the government books, or rather doesn’t move the rest of it not already on them over to them, which is why I said that the 50 trillion would come from people’s pockets. I used 50 trillion because you used 32 trillion & while I didn’t remember the exact ratio of what the costs were to the medicare-for-all costs I remembered it was at least 2 times as much so I settled for merely 50 trillion. I didn’t know if your number was right, but didn’t feel like looking it up, but I did know that the medicare-for-all costs were a little less than half as the costs for healthcare if no policies are advocated. Now, in this comment I have looked it up $18 trillion was the cost for medicare-for-all over a 10-year period, but in that same 10-year period if nothing was done at all the spending on healthcare would be $42 trillion. The difference being that the $18 trillion is collected in tax & ultimately on the federal books as an expenditure whereas the $42 trillion comes out people’s pockets themselves (not to mention that over 20 million people would not have insurance thus stuck to going to the emergency room if having a serious problem & then just not paying them for it.) Also, despite a bit more tax (and a lot more for some very rich people,) 95% of all households would see a financial improvement to varying degrees.
      Economic analysis on how a single-payer system could be paid for, this was done on the previous HR 676’s that have been introduced to previous House of Representatives & imagine the current one is close if not exactly the same as the one which is the basis for the analysis.
      A summary overview & links to over a dozen government studies into single-payer system costs.

      People can either want a better system or not, if you don’t that”s your decision. But you made your decision supposedly on the basis of the debt & costs of a single-payer system not that you just didn’t want a single-payer system. So, I merely wanted it to be clear that you just lied in terms of costs and/or concern with debt.

    • I am not going to argue with socialists. You will never change there minds. As there so far gone, there is no reasoning with them. But, I will say this. Universal healthcare is a fucking stupid idea. Both economically speaking, and in principle. Americans shouldn’t have universal healthcare, if it is coming out of the tax payers pockets. No one should be forced to pay for someone elses’ things. We tax payers already pay for luxuries, such as phones, and cell phones.

      You can have every basic thing you need to live, and be given more things by the government. It’s not like people are running out on the streets and dying. No one is turned away from an emergency room. The UK’s NHS makes you wait 3 months+ to have a life saving surgery. Our current system is bad, but a universal system will make Americans poorer, and live even shorter lives. It sky rocket the national debt. And we will have to raise our already draconian tax rates.

      Granted, the idea sounds like Utopian perfect idea, but the fact is that it doesn’t work. What we need is full repeal of Obamacare.. We need to get rid of the lines between the states. As this will create competition in allowing health insurance providers to compete, and this will ultimately bring down the cost of health insurance for all.

      How we deal with the sick and people with pre exsisting conditions is through block grants into high-risk pools designed to cover individuals whose preexisting conditions rendered them uninsurable.

  8. When people are asked if they want single payer healthcare, a majority say they do.

    When people are asked if they want the government to provide single payer healthcare, a majority say they don’t.

    Single payer is great so long as it’s not the government who is in charge of it.

    • @Aaron Hoy
      That is because in any system where the government pays out, it comes with demands of the people. They are forced to provide the government with information, such as their entire medical history according to HR 676, which will be permanently stored on a database where the government always has access to those personal medical records.

      The difference between the government and an insurance company is that, with an insurance company, there is consent. There is always the option to walk away and seek other options. With the government, there are no other options because it becomes illegal for any private business to provide those services (HR 676 again).

      Yes, people do have a problem with it because many people already deal with the government to some degree and fully understand how frustrating it can be. Those who don’t do it directly have relatives who rely on government services. They know exactly what government control means.

      They also understand the intrusive and thieving practices, such as government stealing from Social Security when there’s a war, or NSA collecting their metadata and people who exposed it either going to jail or are fugitives.

      This is the government people know and understand. They know perfectly well.

    • @Aaron Hoy
      If you think that the government does things better than the private sector, then why do you want to make it ILLEGAL for companies to offer the same services? It’s all about competition. If the government will dominate the competition and provide a superior product, then there’s no reason to create a single payer system. Just have the government system operate along side the private sector.

      Simple, right? But that’s not what you guys want nor support. You want to eliminate choices from people so that government is the only option, because you KNOW the government can’t out compete the private sector in terms of prices and services provided.

      That’s why you want to limit choice.

      You guys also fail to understand basic economics with this. It goes like this: If you stop buying inferior products, people will stop producing inferior products and will be forced to improve. Investors won’t throw money at a product that doesn’t sell. User experience and perception means everything. That’s why you see companies go to such great lengths to keep your business.

      Why would a car company concern itself with gay rights and equal pay for women? Because it’s demanded of them and they use it to improve their perception. If the people did not matter to the private sector, companies would not release ads like this.

      The law does not do the opposite of what I said. It is talking about creating a NATIONAL DATABASE. The fact that you can beg the government not to store some of your medical records doesn’t take away from this fact, and keep in mind that this is not an opt in program. You don’t ask to be put in the database. You ask to NOT be put in a database.

      How do you think that’s going to end? Look at how Social Security ended up. You guys said the government would NEVER touch that money because it was going to be in a trust fund. That money was for the workers! If your side of this told the truth, Social Security would have never been stolen from to pay for undeclared wars.

      Strange how you guys always end up the liars, and you tell us to believe you this time, as it will be different.


      I don’t want your government in my face. If you want the government to run your life, have at it, but I want no part of that.

  9. My dad is a Trump supporter and is a good example of why we don’t have universal healthcare yet. When I was trying to explain to him about the benefits of Medicare for all he told me that the two ways the government can keep you under full control is take over the healthcare system and convince everyone that climate change is real…. smh…. I didn’t even know how to respond to that. The only thing I could think of to tell him is ” I disagree ” …. I was so taken back by the brainwashing and the ignorance of him I couldn’t believe it was my dad talking.

    • I have a somewhat similar discussion with someone I know too.  When I presented her the Idea of single-payer healthcare, she said “it has to taxed 50% of your income in order for it to work.” 

      I researched and printed out all the countries with a single-payer healthcare and showed to her that her understanding, which most likely been influenced by the corporate media, is not true.

      When I asked her if she believe in global warming, which now calls climate change?  She said, she was not sure.  The scientists has only studied the case for only a few centuries and the earth’s temperatures has changed and melted the Ice Age millions of years ago. 

      I then asked her, “Has the ozone layer ever been damaged before our time?”  As far as I know, the sun ray has only been so dangerous in our time.  My grandparents were farmers, and were out in the sun all day everyday for their entire life, yet they did not have to worry about skin cancers in the past.

      There were any other case that we had discussion about, and I don’t think I had won her over entirely, but at least I could present her another point of view and get her to think and see things my way. It take  lot of patient though.

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