Pete Buttigieg Perfectly Explains Why Medicare for All is NOT Radical

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Pete Buttigieg Perfectly Explains Why Medicare for All is NOT Radical


62 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg Perfectly Explains Why Medicare for All is NOT Radical

  1. Two small quick sentences.1 Medicare for all is not radical because every other industrialized Nation on this planet has it. Two federal taxes don’t fund government spending so there is not a revenue constraint for government spending #mmt

    • +Train Wreck Don’t forget the Bush regime pretty much deciding to ignore the Fourth Amendment as a whole. I’m not sure on what legal grounds hate speech laws are on but if I were to hazard a guess they try to use the ‘fighting words’ stipulation in the First Amendment. As for the second amendment it says that citizens are allowed to bear arms and we’re able to bear arms, still would be even if every piece of firearms regulation proposed over the course of the last decade had been passed.

      Though to your point if I had the ability to make the trade I’d trade the Patriot Act, federal hate speech laws, and firearms regulations with the exception of the regulations barring citizens from having artillery for a jobs grantee, French style universal health care (ie public funding of private institutions), and universal higher education.

    • +Train Wreck it’s not free.
      It’s paid for by a government run insurance scheme that everyone above a certain income pays into
      I’m sure you like your socialist millitary and fire service which you have to pay for from your tax.
      If you don’t mind paying to kill or rescue people surely paying to cure people is not that bad an idea.

    • Other countries don’t have blacks like the US. Because of the long-term damages caused by slavery, we have a permanent class of lazy underachievers with a penchant for criminality. Americans are rightfully hesitant to give them more.

    • +Train Wreck So what does your second “A” have to do with single payer healthcare?
      Oh and all western allied countries have free speech and free press actually probably freer because there is less chance of a nut job with a gun killing you because he doesn’t like what you said.

      The last I checked the US has check points maned by US Border Guards miles away from your boarders where as I can drive from one end of my country to the other and never be stopped by the Gestapo.

      You may not think you are a democratic country with any socialist elements but you would be completely wrong.
      So long as your taxes go towards paying for things that everyone benefits from that is a socialistic society.
      Otherwise I expect you to refuse you Old Age pensions and Medicare when you retire or put your own home out when it catches fire.

      You think of it as free we think of it as getting something for the taxes we pay otherwise why the hell would we pay them?
      We pay more and we get more and have higher standards of living across the G7.
      Most of the G20 make the US living standards look very bad.
      You may have more Billionaires per capita but you have more poor per capita as well.

      Most countries have adopted a more all for one mentality that has ensured that the basic needs of the least among us are at least looked after.
      We tout that achievement over the right to kill each other for stepping on so friggen grass.

      You have it better than 3rd world countries but rank near the bottom of 1st world as far as best places to live.
      Don’t know how much you’ve travelled but it’s a hell of a lot safer outside of the US than it is inside and that’s not much to be proud of.

      Oh but you do have a pretty flag and a catchy tune to go along with it, too bad it doesn’t mean much as far as living up to it’s ideals.

      Government control, Train Wreck your government already has you under their control and brainwashed since you are repeating their BS.
      They don’t want you to have single payer because their real supporter in the insurance game won’t put lots of cash in their pockets.
      You have the largest portion of any population in jail including China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.
      You government spies on you daily, when they talk about chatter in regards to terrorist activities what do you think that means (hint they’re listening in on your phone conversations) most governments are. They track your money via you bank and credit cards, they spy on your internet activities.

      They already have you under their control, they’re just waiting for you to step out of line. lol

  2. As someone from Denmark its amazing to me that America even has to have a debate whether to have or not have universal healthcare. It’s pretty common in Europe for people to ask “What is wrong with Americans?” or “Why are Americans so backwards?” And similar statements.

    • As you sit there from your overwhelmingly white Danish homeland basking in white privilege you have the gall to question a multicultural society? You white scandanavian fuckers need a reality check.

    • ​+Train Wreck I don’t know about Denmark but there are many European countries where legally owning a gun is very restricted but owning a hunting weapon much less so.

      Obviously, this only makes sense with restrictions.
      Typically, you need a hunting permit that comes with obligations in terms of helping the management of the wild life. Like say, authorities would say that there are X too many boars in the forest in your area and the hunters between them have to kill that amount of boars. Or you would have to keep a log book of what you kill with some kind of proof and the permit is removed if you don’t really hunt. Naturally, of course, such a hunting permit only cover specific categories of weapons.

      As for guns in those countries where it is heavily restricted :
      There are tons of variants but lets say that typically, law enforcement and often private security guards can have a gun. Some shop owner from specific professions (like say a jeweler) might also be allowed to have one. Some people that can prove that there is a credible threat of violence specifically against them might also be allowed. Usually, only officials or security guard in uniforms are allowed to carry; that jeweler would probably have to lock his gun in a safe whenever he leaves his shop. Usually, people can shoot for sport but it has to be done at a shooting range and the weapon, whoever owns it, has to stay there. Some countries are a bit more lax and allow people who shoot as a hobby to bring back their gun and keep it in a safe at home but the gun would have to be transferred in a case,. Owning a gun at home would also mean that the police come to your place regularly to check on them. The advantage with such a system, besides the fact that it just works and reduces accidents and suicides and kills of and by police officers, is that you just do not see gun on anyone not in uniform out in the street, you just don’t, ever. Therefore, if you do see one, you immediately call the police.

    • Philippe Nachtergal we have a right to keep and bear arms in the United States of America and it shall not be infringed. It doesn’t have anything to do with hunting or owning a jewelry store. I enjoy my rights and I don’t want to lose them.

    • +Train Wreck Of course you do. It has nothing to do with medicare for all however. I just hope you realize that real (almost) complete ban on guns does reduce accidents, suicides and make police officers feel a lot safer (and less trigger happy). I leave up to your thoughts and conscience to determine whether your enjoyment of the right to bear arms and personal feeling of security is less or more important than that.

  3. You know Trump is going to try to make a joke about his name. Maybe something distasteful about him also being gay.

    • No other option. Sanders/Gabbard or Gabbard/Sanders. Probably Sanders will get the larger number of delegates and Gabbard will give her delegates to Sanders to get the majority needed to stop a second round of votes where the DNC super-delgates would give the nomination to a corporate Democrat.

    • Gabbard doesn’t seem nearly as weak on standing up to the Democratic Establishment as Sanders does, so she’s higher on my list too.

  4. Tulsi Gabbard is actively using youTube as a way to connect people to ALL OF HER MEET AND GREETS AND TOWNHALS. Her campaign is LIVESTREAMING EVERY SINGLE EVENT SHE’S DONE THIS PAST WEEK. Please make sure she gets coverage for these things, because, as you know MSM is blanking her out. This is hyper grassroots activism at it’s best!

  5. A “for profit” healthcare system is, by definition, a travesty because it means that pharmaceutical companies, h.m.o.’s and insurance companies are pretty much invited to squeeze as much money as they can from people who are often desperate, destitute or dying.

    • You realize m4a is still a “for profit” system for everyone except the primary insurance provider market? Still for profit for pharma companies, all healthcare providers, medical device companies, hospitals, and supplemental insurance providers.

      Beyond that, if a pharma company creates a new cure and sells it to you, they’re profiting off of healing you. That’s exactly how the incentives are supposed to be aligned. That is how tons of life saving drugs have been developed, why were the world leader in drug innovation. That being said of course there’s problems with that, and I support Medicare negotiating drug prices down drastically, but there’s a reason the entire world still has for profit pharma companies. This kind of rhetoric about profit is appealing to many for understandable reasons but to me it seems that if you follow the logic, it would lead to nationalizing everything. Bernie has never proposed nationalizing pharma companies, it’s a terrible idea.

    • +G Bashem You beat me to it. Like the EpiPen… Drug invented in the 1890’s. The pen invented by DARPA (tax dollars). And they want to charge HOW MUCH?

  6. Why do people think the Green New Deal is just outrageous when it’s just Roosevelt’s New Deal for the 21st centrey?

    • +howwrongwewere there is certainly support for tbe green new deal but there isnt a real thirst for it to happen. The people primarily getting screwed are the millenials meaning that only one generation is really feeling the brunt of the impact but if automation hits the trucking industry extremely hard then the thirst will come back for some serious reforms. If 1 generation is getting fed then there is support if 3 working generations are getting fucked then you have a mandate. The 08 recession primarily screwed over 2 generations and obama had a great chance to change the whole board but he squandered that chance. Unless something big happens such as a brand new company much larger then amazon currently is or a new recession that screws over 2+ generation then i cant see how the green deal passes

  7. *Resource based economy ftw*

    When are we going to realize we don’t need these assholes. We don’t need people debating and arguing over who’s going to pay for the things we need when we have the resources needed to give everyone what they need. Look at how much we waste. How much food we waste. How many homes are sitting empty and give a thought to the materials wasted through the inefficient construction of those homes. How many miles of landfills we have overflowing with electronics made with hard to mine materials simply because they’re obsolete or have some minor issue. Why aren’t we doubling our agricultural output by putting vertical farms over and under every already existing farms, and over/under our grocery stores and our homes. Why isn’t every major river and coast lined with hydroelectric generators. Why aren’t the Australian and arctic lands completely covered in solar panels. It’s because there’s no profit in solving problems and profit is the bottom line, not the betterment of humanity. No more classes, no more false hierarchy. No more money, no more excuses. Everyone needs the resources this planet has to offer and bickering with the people who took control of them hundreds of years ago for scraps so that they can stay in charge is insane, inhumane, unsustainable, inefficient, and unnecessary. We are better than this.

    • If humans have to survive as a species in this galaxy, capitalism got to go, even if we are lucky that our planet wasn’t destroyed by our own greed, what do you think those other lifeforms out there would think about us?

    • +Ash Kitt I looove 8-bit philosophy. Marxism is a positive mindset but it doesn’t give the specifics of how to change. The venus project addresses things like what buildings would be the best the use, what technology and methods would be best suited to utilize and conserve what we have based on our current understanding of science and technology.

  8. Tulsi has earned my trust, by her deeds, not just by what she says. She proved her character, integrity and courage. She has a vision for the country and a foresight, how to get it done.
    Warren is all bark, no bite democrat, who takes money from corporations (you don’t talk about, Mike). Weak character, no leadership to speak of, no charisma to make ppl to follow her. What she says is one thing, what she does is another, ‘cuz she can be easily influenced. Is that what you look for in a candidate, Mike?

    • Sounds good to me. Hopefully the DNC realizes that a lot of people are done picking the lesser of two evils and maintaining the slow downward spiral and are going to vote for good candidates regardless of how low their chances (or not vote at all) and just let clowns like Trump burn the world down until we get an acceptable candidate.

      The elites might be content to let the world on a slow burn and die filthy stinkin’ rich in the next few decades and leave a ruined country (and rest of the world) to the rest of us… but I don’t think they realize that now that we’re waking up and realizing this in large enough numbers that if they don’t act on these problems without our support for their slow downward spiral the country could very easily be put into a fast enough decline to hurt them too.

    • these are my top 4 too. You have The Soldier, The Brain, and the Legend.And with Buttigieg you have “Eh, better than DemCorp, better than Trump”

    • tbh I see Sanders as the least bad.
      Ideally I think we should just scrap America altogether and have a federation of semi-autonomous workers’ councils similar to Rojava currently or the Soviet Union prior to Stalinist bureaucratization.

    • Hey, there are 3 great candidates runnine, The Soldier, The Brain, and The Legend, in Tulsi, Yang, and Bernie. one of those 3 needs to win, have the others as running mates and in the cabinet. but Buttigieg, while not being GREAT, Buttigieg is still better than the DemCorp Politibots.

  9. Why are you conflicted between Tulsi and Warren? They aren’t really that close. Tulsi is significantly better for many reasons.

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