Pete Buttigieg Flips on Medicare For All, Still Pretends to Support It

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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

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Pete Buttigieg Flips on Medicare For All, Still Pretends to Support It

51 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg Flips on Medicare For All, Still Pretends to Support It

  1. Medicare for all 2 yr phase in period is all that’s needed, perhaps even less. Taiwan switched to single payer in mid 90’s without benefit of today’s current technology in like a year, It can definitely be done in US.

    • +kei118 not sure I understand how you heard Taiwanese system falling apart matches with what the link you provided yourself says.
      I read the whole thing, says nothing but great things about Taiwans system, maybe you meant to link me to a fox news link or something?

    • +Henry Gustav if you dig down a little under “problems Due to a decrease in funds available, and with no systems in place to screen patients, all patients will rush to hospitals regardless of terminal patients or general cold, many smaller, but long-serving district hospitals are forced to downscale, or close down and be demolished.”

      I can’t find the source again, it was a facebook comic by a Taiwanese doctor talking about how himself as a Taiwanese doctors becoming overworked and underpaid and starting to leave the profession.

      Also Taiwanese-American dual citizens get sick then go back to get care without contributing in terms of taxes (Taiwan has since closed that loophole requiring some tax payments and residency before applying coverage)

      It’s a tough nut to crack, even though I am on the side of universal healthcare. If we don’t recognize potential pitfalls we will run into problems.

    • +kei118 a facebook comic. I see…well you should understand that as long as there are enough doctors hospitals nurses drugs medical equipment then medicare for all is not an issue. The Fed Govt can not go broke, as long as we have the real resources to do it then we can.

    • +kei118 not that tough of a nut to crack. millions bankrupt each yr from medical bills, people dying from health insurance death panels, opioid crisis is so bad life expectancy in USA DROPPED and why? because someone needs to make $ of course.
      There are no pitfalls, not even potentially.
      Also because of its more efficient, jobs necessarily need to cut. Medicare for all would require you to drop your insurance and possibly even lower your taxes NOT RAISE them and you would be able to see any doc you want

    • Fresno Bob, Along with Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gilibrand, he’s also yet another corporate sellout in fauxgressive clothing claiming to support Medicare for All; for me it’s either Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, or Elizabeth Warren if Sanders and Gabbard are screwed out of the primaries. All these other frauds can join Hillary Clinton in the woods, and go take a hike.

    • Maybe not. Let’s see if he takes big money donationsYou need to look who will pay his bills. I think it’s an excellent idea to elect from outside of the usual congress people, Municipal elections are not as likely to need big money donors.

  2. You can literally flip a switch and make Medicare for All work. Set the age to qualify for Medicare from 65 to 0, boom. Done already. And that’s only if you want Medicare for all without improvements, which I think everyone agrees that we need Medicare to cover teeth and eyes also, but just getting the general policy would be super easy. It’s ok Mike, all these fake politicians are going to make 2020 a breeze for Bernie. No one wants a “President Bootyjudge” lmao

    • ​+JWil42 I will wave them goodbye with the world’s smallest handkerchief. The working class needs a ruling class like fish need a bait on a hook.
      If the high marginal tax rate really had been ineffective, then it wouldn’t have been undone. But if you’re saying that a tax won’t be enough, then I’m also okay with going to the source and nationalizing some of it, like the banks and large corporations that would have gone bankrupt in 2008 without government bailouts anyway.

    • tybofborg also, nationalizing industries always results in reduced efficiency. In Venezuela, when they nationalized their oil and steel industries, their productivity fell drastically.
      If you tell everyone that they will each come out with x amount of wealth at the end no matter what, then that will take away their incentive to work.
      And if the rich leave, they’re taking their wealth with them. You’ll never be able to tax them again. The top 20% already pay 90% of all income taxes; if you tax them too much, they’ll pack up and leave. I certainly would.
      Taxing the rich and nationalizing industries sounds good in theory, but it rarely, if ever, works out in practice. As Milton Friedman said, “The only way to redistribute effectively the wealth, is to destroy the incentives to have wealth.”

    • +JWil42 You’re parroting neoliberal mantra. Assflash newshole: neoliberalism went bankrupt in 2008 and it’s now on life support, waiting for an inevitable collapse that will be even worse. Trickledown economics, efficient markets, privatization of every damn thing, this entire ecosystem of bullshit ideology has lost all of its credibility. But please, go ahead and Friedmansplain to me how the US healthcare system costing twice as much and producing worse outcomes than most other developed countries’ healthcare systems is somehow a good thing for the American people. I’m sure that the 70 million Americans saddled with unpaid medical debt are eager to hear it.

    • +JWil42 Except delegates are free to move to other candidates if their candidate drops out, so if for example Warren and Tulsi have some delegates but end up dropping out before or during the convention because they’re too far behind, their delegates would likely switch to Bernie to help him get over 50%. Also, there are far fewer super-delegates now than in 2016, so a combined progressive/anti-establishment delegate total wouldn’t need to get that much over 50%.

    • +TiredOfTheBrainwashed LeftySnowflakeGeneration arw you actually wealthy enough that you benefit from, the current system more than you would from Medicare for all? Somehow i doubt that you are. You claim to be tired of the brainwashed but you seem to be completely brainwashe yourself.

    • +yamiyomizuki the only brainwashed people are loonie lefty snowflake socialist like you that try to force your big daddy authoritarian government on others that don’t agree with your craziness.I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you were a member of the crazy Antifa group.

    • +TiredOfTheBrainwashed LeftySnowflakeGeneration You’re ridiculous dude. You sound brainwashed, which just makes thus entire situation even more ridiculous cause to you people who advocate for a medicare for all system also sound brainwashed. So instead of calling each other crazy or brainwashed, lets talk about the actual policies itself and not throw empty platitudes and labels around

    • +TiredOfTheBrainwashed LeftySnowflakeGeneration “it” doesn’t run it. You as a taxpayer pay for and gain from “it” company is made to make money. Government provides the services without the profiting party being present. Understood it now? In other words, more money left in coffers to provide better care. Cheaper. How about now? Or just keep the current system and krep paying 2 grand for insulin for example. It’s 2 dollars here… just to showcase your idiocy.

  3. He regurgitated the CIA talking points on Venezuela and called for Maduro to be removed. That’s all I need to know about him.

  4. SAVE THE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!! They’ve gouged, cheated reneged, withheld, stalled and fought payment while people died , but Hey WHO CARES? They have MONEY!!! The Insurance Companies ARE THE PROBLEM!! They, almost exclusivly, are the reason our healthcare is so expensive and substandard. They DESERVE extinction.

    • Save the insurance companies? Maybe save the pharma cartel, the greedy oil barons, the corrupt bankers, those exploiting the environment or profiting from death. OMG.

    • Yeah, it has nothing to do with 200lb 8 year olds and an average diet that seems designed to cause heart disease. Nope, nothing to do with people living 15 years longer than nature intended. Having surgery after surgery and costly procedure after procedure.

      I’m no fan of insurance companies but I am willing to admit that we are not a healthy nation and that is mainly our own fault.

  5. Thanks to Mike (THR) for giving us another helpful video analysis that cuts through the BS we see on Mainstream Media and the slick answers we see from politicians who are trying to appeal to the public AND to the Big Donors (and Wall Street).
    Buttigieg is very smart ( Harvard, Rhodes Scholar), a fast rising politician, and ambitious. That does NOT make him a real progressive and NOT the President that America needs in 2020.
    Mike (THR) makes very good observations about Buttigieg’s policy positions. Bravo MIKE! Keep it real. Keep it on policy! Keep up the good work! (Subscribed and will share this video on.)

  6. Buttigied is dangerous because he sounds and looks smart and he s gay (identity politics, hello), knows the words to use in a campaign but… –> xanax for critical mind of the left. It s just Obama v1.2

    • But I wonder if this dude sold out to get this support from the establishment. They said to him Biden’s our guy. And Kamala’s useful on the side as a minority candidate in case that became a talking point. You could be our gay reserve candidate.
      And he said “Sure why not? I’m not polling all that great anyway. Maybe selling out my actual beliefs is the answer”

      That’s sad if true.

    • +Br Ramesh Oh there is tons of panic behind the curtains at the DNC no doubt.
      Bernie raising 10 million in a week and a million volunteers scared the establishment dems to death and the super pac’s that own them too!

  7. i am so sick of the fact that medicare for all has to constantly be financially explained, financially justified. They don’t talk about the cost of 35,000 to 45,000 lives lost every year and that medicare for all WILL SAVE TRILLIONS of dollars and save so many lives and bring comfort and peace of mind to americans. Health insurance is the only ‘how you gonna pay for that?’ topic, when it shouldn’t be. It’s a no-brainer. If a candidate is not for universal healthcare/medicare for all, then they can just pack it up and go home as far as i am concerned. #bernietulsi2020

    • Exactly – even if it cost more, it is the morally correct policy and should be a top 3 priority (the others being climate change and money in politics/income & wealth inequality) no matter the cost.

    • polly foo foo
      – “bringing comfort and peace of mind to Americans” works against people in power. They need to sow discontent and misery in order to rule effectively.

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