Overwhelming Majority of Americans Now Support Medicare for All

A new poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 59% of Americans now support Medicare for All; which constitutes the overwhelming majority of the country. This is progress brought to you by progressives, who have monopolized the healthcare debate in the United States.


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Overwhelming Majority of Americans Now Support Medicare for All

51 thoughts on “Overwhelming Majority of Americans Now Support Medicare for All

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 137* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right NOW—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018. Enjoy the show!

    • The Humanist Report wrong it doesn’t work well in other countries. That’s why people come to our country for major surgeries.
      The for profit healthcare offsets the cost that other countries take advantage of.

    • Moppy if only a poll was a law that makes “Representatives” do our bidding, but $50k can bribe a “Representative” to not listen to the polls.

  2. Yep, it’s deflationary and you wouldn’t even need to tax for it. We can afford it. Check out Stephanie Kelton. #LearnMMT

    • You’re completely correct that it’s dangerous to give the american people the power of democracy. But that’s because they have never felt they had that power, and they have been lied to and brainwashed. It has been a priority in all democracies in the last 200 years that the population should be made capable of exercising democracy responsibly and have as few reasons as possible to exercise it. In USA in the last 50 years, the effort has been to make people stupid and make them believe that they have no power. Sigh.

  3. I acknowledge several points made by economists about the effects of Medicare for all, but I still firmly believe the benefits outweigh the detriment. Not going into crippling debt for surviving shouldn’t be considered a privilege.

  4. Medicare for all still allows private insurers to flourish and exploit that 20% that medicare does not cover. I support a single payer option instead.

    • Alonso Valera Feel better trying to push blame good for you know do you’re homework. Then come back when you have the truth. Prior to using the word “stupid” one should know what it means.

    • Sean Diment Explain how Single Payer is unconstitutional and don’t rely on your opinion which in a legal analysis is meaningless. Cite case law or other authorities

    • Novusod Medicare is funded until 2024 or later. GOP talking points always say it is insolvent so they can privatize it to really destroy it.

  5. As someone who just went through their 12th going on 13th and 14th major surgeries from being rear ended in a car accident, thank you, Mike!! Your fight for people like me means more than words properly express. Myself and many others have suffered horrifically in this system. It’s not right. We can and must do better!! So again.. with every ounce of my being and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!

    • We really just have a monthly health maintenance fee and not real insurance. If we get injured or sick and can’t work, you would expect the insurance to save the day, but that’s not how it works. If you can’t pay your monthly premiums you’re screwed eventually.

    • Bernie tweet 11/16 “There’s nobody I know better prepared and more capable of leading our caucus than Chuck Schumer.” Bernie Sanders. “Hillary Clinton will make a great president.” 2016 Bernie Sanders. And all those Russians that cost Hillary the election according to Bernie. I could go on but you’ll just write another crazy diatribe with more name calling. Not worth my time.

    • D Martin, regarding a fucking tweet. I love how you ignore everything else he says. You cling to the occasional thing that you disagree with and never let go. You completely ignore all context. I’m honestly not sure if you do this because you are paid or stupid. I do think it is just because you are stupid. You are so jaded by our government that you have lost all ability to think about the topic intelligently. You want to live in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist where politicians don’t have to think politically and act politically on occasion.

      You are a fucking idiot. Sorry if this offends you and you have a problem with me calling you what you are. Go back to your bubble.

  6. Don’t have anyone to share this with but I just parked next to a truck with 2 Trump stickers and a 3rd sticker that says Notice you can’t fix stupid. Can anything be more ironic.

    • Angela Garreffa thanks for sharing. ….but If there was a cure for stupid that would be awesome. World Peace, an end to poverty, explotation, and politicians no longer getting away with lying through there teeth while people support and defend them.

  7. Dinos like Diane feinstein and anyone else who borrows Ted Cruz style talking points on Medicare for all need to be tarred and feathered out of the Democratic party.

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