How Much Does Medicare Cost

How Much Does Medicare Cost in 2018?

Medicare expert Danielle K Roberts explains what Medicare costs. We'll cover the costs for Medicare Parts A, B and D and how you can use your income to estimate what your costs will be.

Watch this video if you want to learn:
– What Medicare Costs
– Who Pays More for Medicare
-How to Estimate your Personal Costs for Medicare
– PLUS: Get our tips for keeping Medicare costs low

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How Much Does Medicare Cost

26 thoughts on “How Much Does Medicare Cost

  1. Thanks for watching! How much does Medicare cost for YOU? Find out by visiting the Medicare Costs page on the Boomer Benefits website.

  2. This is great! So much about this I don’t know but it’s definitely what we all need to know!

  3. Mind before watching: perfectly intact. Afterwards: blown. You broke down Medicare into a very simple level. Thank you.

  4. My mother just went through this not so long ago. It’s not my turn yet, but it’s good to keep this information in mind. This CAN be really confusing so I’m glad that this video is available as a resource. Thanks!

  5. If you are on social security disability I don’t what Medicare can you opt out of Medicare if you can how do you opt out of Medicare

    • Hi Robert, Medicare Part A and SS income benefits are linked. You cannot have one without the other, so once you have 24 months on disability, you will be auto-enrolled. Most people want Part A anyway even if they have other coverage because it doesn’t cost you anything if you have worked at least 10 years in your lifetime, and it could reduce your spending if you have an inpatient stay. You can opt out of Part B if your employer (or spouse’s employer) has 100 or more employees and you are on that group health plan. Otherwise you will want to keep Part B

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