Nina Turner Responds to Corporate Dems Smear of Medicare for All & Bernie Sanders

During an appearance on State of the Union, Nina Turner responded to the idea that Bernie Sanders was somehow helping the Graham Cassidy bill/Obamacare repeal by coming out with a Medicare for All bill.

8 thoughts on “Nina Turner Responds to Corporate Dems Smear of Medicare for All & Bernie Sanders

  1. The Corporate Democrats want you to trust their narrative. “Oh Bernie shouldn’t have rolled out ‘Medicare for All’ until Sept. 30,” The same group of people, who ran the Democratic party into the ground and LOST OVER 1000 seats in the last 10 years.
    They just lost the White House. They also lost the Senate, the Congress and the Supreme Court. Their plan is not working.
    SMART MOVE that Sanders rolled out “Medicare for All” when he did. It shined a spotlight on healthcare, and what it can be.
    It ultimately made the “Graham-Cassidy” healthcare proposal, LESS palatable. Hence, John McCain coming out and voting ‘No”.

  2. Sanders knows exactly what he’s doing.
    And HE KNEW by agreeing to the Graham-Cassidy debate, it would PRESSURE Republican Senators.
    And it did! John McCain, the very NEXT Day, voted ‘NO’ to the horrific Graham-Cassidy Bill.
    Sanders has courage and is a Leader. Yes, THIS IS what LEADERSHIP looks like.

  3. TPenguix – You’re right – the only reason they’re pushing forth this narrative, is that Corporate Democrats want to bash Sanders. Every chance they get. They don’t want Sanders to win the Democratic primary in 2020 (should he run).
    They want to INSTALL a Corporate-Approved Democrat like, Kamala Harris.
    Funny how they did NOT BASH Amy Klobuchar (who will be debating WITH Bernie against the Graham-Cassidy bill).

  4. So one needed to wait unitl the GOP does NOT rabidly want to repeal Obamacare ? don’t those fools remember government shutdown ? , Obama could tell the Dems a thing or two about GOP and resisttance against ACA. – So letting the GOP DICTATE that there will never be a “good time” to come up with alternatives ?

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