Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All Gain Steam, Insurance Companies Cringe

Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All Gain Steam, Insurance Companies Cringe

Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All Gain Steam, Insurance Companies Cringe

12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All Gain Steam, Insurance Companies Cringe

  1. Why Is American Health Care So Ridiculously Expensive? “In The Healing of America, T. D. Reid explored why American medicine falls behind other countries in quality while it races far ahead in cost of care.” “..Reid expands on two big reasons why U.S. health care is so expensive: (1) Unlike other countries, the U.S. government doesn’t manage prices; and (2) the complications created by our for-profit system adds tremendous costs.”

    Warren Buffett Makes The Case For Single-Payer Health Care
    One government insurer would be “more effective” at controlling costs, the billionaire says.
    Billionaire investor Warren Buffett expressed support for adopting a single-payer health care system on Monday, arguing that it would likely do a better job of controlling runaway costs.
    In an interview on “PBS NewsHour,” host Judy Woodruff asked Buffett, a longtime Democratic donor, how the United States should address the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.
    Buffett qualified his comments by claiming that health care policy was “way outside [his] circle of competence.”
    “With my limited knowledge, I think that [single payer] probably is the best system,” Buffett said.
    Buffett’s support for a single-payer health care system, in which one government insurer covers the entire country, was based on the current system’s failure to keep rising health care costs in check. He noted that health care costs have risen exponentially as a share of the economy in the past four decades, holding back the competitiveness of U.S. businesses far more than taxes have.
    “In almost every field of American business, it pays to bring down costs,” he said. “There’s an awful lot of people involved in the medical, the whole ― just the way the ecosystem works ― that there is no incentive to bring down costs.”
    A single-payer system would likely “be more effective” at reducing those costs, he concluded.
    There is abundant evidence to back up Buffett’s argument. Medicare, a single-payer system for America’s seniors and disabled workers, has a far better record of containing costs than do private insurers. Among other reasons, that’s because Medicare does not need to fund a marketing budget or compensate shareholders and executives.
    The United States, virtually alone among developed nations without a universal single-payer system, has by far the world’s highest per-person health care costs ― and based on many key criteria, it nonetheless has worse outcomes.
    Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has expressed his support of a single-payer health care system.
    Buffett, chairman and CEO of the conglomerate holding company Berkshire Hathaway, had already voiced support for single payer in May. His deputy,
    Republican Charlie Munger, proclaimed his support for single payer in the same interview.

  3. Thanks Jamarl for sharing your personal story. And thanks for keeping the spotlight on “Medicare for All”.
    Important journalistic work being done here.

  4. Seriously Jamarl? Going through the motions one more time? No suspense here whatsoever. And we already see who the political opportunist are. And, if they are on the record, what are the consequences going to be? A pat on the back from Bernie for a game well played?

  5. I am totally unconvinced that Sanders’ plan is anything but a rewarmed ACA.  I believe Democrats are only talking about this now because: (a.) Medicare For All has been wargamed to keep enriching the insurance industry, (b.) 2018 campaigns are nearly about to begin, and (c.) everyone involved has already divvied up their positions to take, while all but ensuring nothing passes.

  6. Thanks, Jamarl. Feel free to use my line: “Obamacare WAS the Republican Health Care Plan” (the Democratic Plan always WAS single-payer healthcare — we just didn’t have any Democrats to offer it, and maybe still don’t)

  7. My mom called them growing pains, but mine weren’t as bad as yours. I could use ibuprofen for the pain. I used hot compresses too. My grandfather suffered from them too, in his youth.

  8. I do have concerns about school and job guarantees – since the 80s, school has been a pipeline to prison, guaranteed jobs could easily be twisted into forced labour outside the prison walls- have to be careful when dealing with these people

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