Natalie Shure on Medicare For All: Goodbye, Private Insurance

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Natalie Shure on Medicare For All: Goodbye, Private Insurance


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27 thoughts on “Natalie Shure on Medicare For All: Goodbye, Private Insurance

  1. RJ, I’m a senior and probably 95% of seniors who are on Advantage Plans do not understand that it is private insurance, including politically active seniors. In addition, the standard Medicare plans cover 80%, so it is imperative that you get a supplement and that is only given through private insurance. In addition the prescription part D is also private, and I spend quite a bit per month to pay for my supplement and my prescription D because I don’t want to be on an Advantage plan. This needs to get out in the media. And the cost for supplements go up every year. This is the first time I have heard anybody talk about this issue

    • Med4All is a single payer plan which will cover all fees at point of purchase (that’s us) so no co-pays, no lab bills, no extra 20%, etc, in addition both Bernies slightly slower model and Pramillas “instant” version will also cover dental, vision and hearing aids for Seniors.

    • cozy In Canada’s single-payer system – everything is paid for except prescriptions, dental, and glasses. At 65, you get dental and glasses. We’re working on paying for prescription drugs too but we’re not their yet. Anything that happens in hospital or the Dr’s. office is free – including drugs.

    • +andrew thomas you are very fortunate and wish we had it. We are hoping Bernie will get elected and pass Medicare for all without the supplements needed.

  2. Pain comes in many forms. In this case, the Insurance companies are in deep stress. The Medicare for All would gut the current system, thereby spilling the cash-filled innards on the floor.

  3. I’ve expected Single Payer for the last 60 years – any year now…decades of rhetoric and discussion dating from FDR and nothing ever happens. I’m no longer holding my breath that we’ll ever get it.

  4. Here in the U.K. we have single payer health care with the NHS that was set up after the Second World War. It is a system that is supported by the majority of the population, but every time we have a conservative government, like the current one, they are hell bent on destroying it and moving toward a system like yours. Profit is the only thing they see, humanity is secondary. I hope you get it and then hopefully our government will stop this drive to the bottom and once again see humans not pounds.

  5. Medicare Advantage sounds like the insurance provider in the movie “The Rainmaker” – they would automatically deny every claim when it was first made, and if the claimant appealed, only then would they look at the claim to determine its merits.

    • Yes! Making them sick to begin with through unhealthy life styles facilitated by Bayer (Formerly Monsanto) then putting them into the “symptom treatment” system we call health care.

  6. If anyone thinks having Medicare will do anything to help, you have not paid attention over the last 30 years. Medicare will just become a trillions dollar hole that will make the military look like a picinc. I say we abolish insurance companies. Clearly, no one has been to a welfare doctor lately.

  7. People who say they support single-payer, but who add a caveat of ANY kind DO NOT SUPPORT SINGLE-PAYER. Period. They support their donors, who are typically the parasites that benefit from a privatized system. Indeed, ours is a “wealth care system,” not a health care system.

  8. People ask what Democratic Socialism is: it means you can’t profit off other people’s misery. You remember the Judge who was bribed by private prisons to send juveniles to jail for very minor offences? That;s an example as well as these Health Insurance profiteers. All the rest is up for grabs and Capitalism can keep going as usual. I don’t know why that scares anyone. It works here in Canada.

  9. Medicare for all will not eliminate private insurance only the need for it, just like any other product sold in capital markets.

  10. 4:50 – There’s plenty of room for private insurers. They cover anything Medicare does not. Rich people can use it to get premium care, as they always do, of course.

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