Beto vs. Bernie, Medicare for All vs Medicare for America

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Beto vs. Bernie, Medicare for All vs Medicare for America

70 thoughts on “Beto vs. Bernie, Medicare for All vs Medicare for America

  1. Kim I would advise against pulling the demonetized videos. They help people find you and once people find you they’ll like what you have to say, continue watching more vids, then end up subbing to patreon.

    • +Nordinator Reminds of the famous song “Which side are you on?” I made up my mind a age 20, on the Stony Brook campus, when I made my life altering decision to join the Progressive Labor Party. I had been part of the anti-Vietnam War movement for 2 years, had some of my neighbors come back in body bags from Vietnam. I decided it was not worth one solider or civilian’s life to prosecute a war for Wall Streets domination of the world nor to tolerate a system that profits off racism. 50 years and 8 arrests later I have no regrets. I wish you well Kim and I promise to be a Patreon donor if you do not hold back on those demonetized videos. They are part of what keeps you honest. See

    • You can do in preview of the content on utube we beed to find a way to fight youtube back so that they do the right thing otherwise they will get worst son they will demonetiz anything you post simply because its truth.

    • +Junior Bricuyet Hey, caution. I just saw an engaget article calling it a cespit of you-know-what.

      Im interested in the concept, but I think we need an important breakthrough in design to both allow lack of censorship and not allow these platforms to be marketing tools for people with the budget to create massive manipulative campaigns.

      I have a pet idea based on “trust networks”, where people select 5 people they trust (eg Bernie Sanders, Bill Nye, Elon Musk, .. and they select 5 people with a weighting, and within a few levels the entire internet has a trust rating accordingly. Also this “algorithm” would be inspectable, totally transparent.. also, instead of simply trusting an article, at the top level you see who does and does not trust it amongst your particular selected trusted individuals.

  2. I think the Democratic party is going all in on Beto and I hope there will be some computer savvy people going through his list of online contributors and following the money. I think we will find a lot of money being moved around to look like it’s coming from every state and I think they may even be creating “People” to meet the debate requirements. The money is coming from wealthy donors but their going to make it look like it’s not.

    • It’s way too early for the party to be going all in on a single candidate with no policies, he’s going to get exposed at the debates by I say everyone..

    • Nope, the Democratic party is not going “all in” on Beto or anyone else. There hasn’t even been one debate. BTW, when will you trumpies ever learn to spell at a 5th grade level? Probably never?

  3. if you censor yourself for advertisers, you are no different then cnn or msnbc. your voice will be lost. just keep mentioning that they are demonetized and you will get more patreons

    • she just needs to read comments 1 time and take our advice about spelling certain words that trigger youtube bots with numbers, dashes, or special symbols instead of normal. Korea = Kórea for example.

    • I’m self-employed. I’ve bought cars for cheaper than this year’s rate. I’m 37, and this is my first year without health insurance.

    • +Russell Fine Arts I can’t stand that the Republicans were voting against their own interests here don’t realize that crowdfunding and insurance itself are socialist in ideology, at the core.

    • Thanks to Obama Employers can no longer afford to cover Employees. If you want to know what medicare for all would look like, look no further than the VA, where People Die waiting on Medical Care!

    • @+Russell Fine Arts I have had a similar experience with union membership. They sign up that they are in management exclusion jobs, so they don’t pay dues. But when the employer decides you don’t fit any more (using another reason sometimes) and they are fired, they come seeking representation. Some other reps have helped them. I would not and they knew why. It sends a message to whoever is replacing them.

    • +Russell Fine Arts Got news for you, most Dems have been voting against their interests too because the majority of Dem office holders aren’t much better than the GOP on economic issues, including health care.

  4. I find it odd that a candidate that only raised 5 Thousand in the first two hours could raise over 6 million in 22 hours. Someone explain that??????

    • +RonVandeil it was from a tweet from Actblue where most progressives and Democrats not only do their donations done but have their detailed and initially verified

    • +Olivia P no that is not what the $5,000 number is in reference to it’s in reference to actblue tweeting out that what’s how much money verified was raised after 5 hours off his campaign launch so again it’s a bit suspicious that keeping that pace that in the next 19 hours he was able to raise 6.1 million. Now what would make sense but I have yet to verify is that if he’s counting the 4.5 that he already had from his Senate run that would make it a lot more realistic that he got to the 6.1 number

    • +Jalen Barber McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission is the Supreme Court ruling that defined a state party cannot directly donate more than $5k to a candidate per election cycle. There are legal methods to indirectly funnel money to candidates. I honestly don’t know why this is hard to understand.

      If the donations were made in a way that he has to disclose them (which I suspect they were not done), then by the time he reports it, no one will care that most of his donations on day 1 came indirectly from donors to his senate race.

      Please pick up a dictionary and look up the word ‘denying’ before you use it incorrectly again.

    • +Bobby Taylor The fact that he did not want to say how many people gave his Campaign money is a flag for me. The number of people who gave to Beto was 110 thousand.

    • One last note for this conversation and then I’ll leave it alone. Beto’s campaign said “unique contributions” not unique donors, so hypothetically if one individual gave 50 installments of $50 dollars, then that one individual would be counted 50 times using Beto’s campaigns’ metric of quantifying a donation.

  5. Beto got exactly what he wanted out if this lie, free air time.. The guy was on Vanity Fair, had a interview with Oprah all while losing his senate race and ZERO policies..

    They selected Beto, trust and believe..

    • +J L remember when they pushed for the next president to certainly be not male and not white??? Hahahhaha next well see them push Biden. And his wisdom that comes only with age

    • Don’t undervalue free air. That’s how trump won. That’s why Beto waited until monday to release his 24 hour haul. People call him dishonest for waiting a couple days but you are still talking about him. That’s what Beto wants

    • And now Biden wants to push the narrative of selecting Abrams as his VP before launch.. There’s no rule saying he can’t, so I wouldn’t have surprised if he did..

    • Well, technically he _could_ be, but he couldn’t be honest about that & still get votes. So most of them opt for weasel-words & double speak to give themselves wiggle room later to say “I never said that.”

    • I couldn’t agree more, he’s as problematic and disingenuous as Kamala in his own way. He’s Joe Mansion in prettier wrapping paper with word salad and platitudes for days. He’s running on good things not bad things, plus he’s totally transparent regarding his funding…. so he’s clearly genuine?

    • He is right now hiding the number of people that contributed to his campaign. In what way is that honest or genuine?

  6. There’s not much of a comparison what has a 30-year record of being 90% right on issues and working for the people. The other guy not so much.

  7. 100 to 1 the majority of Beto’s money came from Texas oil money. That’s why he didn’t release the numbers of donations he received.
    And his Medicare for America plan smells of the Koch brothers.

    • Not true. Also the anti PAC money thing is a little overblown. The max donation is only $5000. Trump and Hilary both got less than half a percent of their funding from PACs. The real problem is Super PACs that can run their own advertising with dark money

  8. He did not raise that money from individual donors. He and the neo liberal Democratic establishment is gaslighting. Beto I was born at night but not last night.

  9. Beto is worth $10 million and his wife is linked to billlions.

    Corporate interest will back him without a doubt.

    The reason for all these no name brand democrats running in 2020 is an attempt to dilute support for Bernie.

    Kamala Harris ain’t making the cut. So plan B is to have a crap shoot and hope that one of these duds get some type of following that can contend with Bernie.

    • He was a planned event for buzz about his campaign just enough to beat Bernie Sanders. Its to frame that he is the front-runner. Because they don’t want to admit that Bernie Sanders is

    • +Joel Stuart Or, “Democratic Voters” prefer a left-leaning moderate who believes in the power of the Government to do good and wants to support a leader who’s optimistic about the future of the country…

    • The Jock – Medicare for America is nonesistent.
      There is no such thing. It has never been introduced in the floor of the House.
      Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) supposed “co-author” of Medicare for America has signed on as a cosponsor of H.R 1384, Medicare for All 2019 which was ontroduced last month.
      The ONLY “choice” you have is to remain ignorant or learn how to research the falsehoods that come out of the con artist’s mouth.
      On the flip side, Bernie Sanders introduced his Medicare for All proposal (S. 1804) in September 2017 and has yet to provide a summary of the text. No action has been taken on S. 1804 since the day it was read on the floor of the Senate.
      In the meantime, he is collecting royalties from a multi-million dollar book deal.
      Just to make it clear, I am NOT callibg you ignorant. I am calling those who advocate for non-existent and non-active proposals ignorant and dangerous.
      Aside from Bernie’s S. 1804 and the most recent H.R. 1384, there is also Jobn Conyer’s HR 676 which was actually the first Medicare for All proposal introduced in Jan 2017.
      Long story short, if HR 1384 was introduced last month with 126 cosponsors, it means no one is even considering the proposals introduced in 2017 or 2018.
      Medicare for America does NOT have a number to cite which means it was NOT “introduced” and finally, any proposal will be drastically altered and amended from its original wording by the time it is passed into LAW and once passed, a LAW has no “choice”. You cannot choose to adhere to a Law.

  10. When they demonetize a video they also shadow ban it. It doesn’t show up in suggested videos for new people to find. I work really hard on those videos, I put in a lot of research, they get very few views plus they make zero dollars (which at my level I really can’t afford). Right now, it’s a third to half of my videos, which as a new creator is extremely discouraging.

    • It took Jimmy Dore the better part of 3 years to get a substantial following and steady stream of support to finally overcome the demonitization that he went through. I guarantee that you will do it alot quicker. You will quickly become a leftist favorite. Smart and eloquent women are something that the left will push to start debating agsinst these rightwing mysoginists.

  11. Great video Kim! Ugh… I’m still mad at myself for falling for Obama’s hope and loose change. Time for real progressive changes! #Bernie2020 #Tulsi2020

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