Mutual of Omaha presents Medicare Basics

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Mutual of Omaha presents Medicare Basics Health products underwritten by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company For Producer Use Only. Not for use with the general public.
,Why Mutual of Omaha? A financially strong company with:
-brand name recognition -quality products, excellent service and -committed to our community as demonstrated with our Wild Kingdom and sponsorship programs ,WhyMutual of Omaha? A financially strong company since 1909
Rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Second of 16, for financial strength and ability to meet contractual obligations ,Why Mutual of Omaha? A provider of Medicare supplement insurance since 1966
Mutual and United World paid $5.4 billion in Medicare supplement benefits* Mutual and United World paid $780 million in Medicare supplement benefits in 2008 alone* *Mutual of Omaha Actuarial Research, 2007 ,Why Mutual of Omaha? Our Medicare supplement rates are top in the industry
We have timely underwriting We have a competitive compensation package Offer world class travel with incentive trips Purchase quality leads with our affordable lead program ,Top in the Industry Ranked top three provider
Ranked 1st in agent sold Medicare supplement policies Our earned premium has increased 42.2% in the last four years ,MedicareCoverage Medicare Coverage
,Medicare Coverage Medicare serves 44.1 million Americans 36.9 million seniors
7.2 million disabled persons Average benefit per enrollee-$10,460 Source: “Medicare Fast Facts” National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare ,Medicare – What is it? Medicare is a government regulated health insurance program that provides coverage to: People age 65 and older
People who are disabled People who are in permanent kidney failure People who have ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) ,Medicare Eligibility-Part A A person is eligible for Part A at age 65* whether working or retired, if that person has been covered by Social Security long enough to qualify for benefits. * Some states allow coverage for individuals under age 65.
,Medicare Eligibility-Part A A person who is under age 65 can get Part A benefits without paying premiums if he or she has received Social Security or Railroad Board disability benefits for 24 months.
People with ALS get Part A the month their disability benefits begin. Persons, aged 65, who are not eligible under these conditions may enroll in Part A by paying the full cost. ,Medicare Enrollment-Part A Part A is premium-free for those who are eligible for Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits.
,Medicare Enrollment-Part B Everyone who is entitled to Part A is automatically enrolled in Part B, but may reject it.
There is a premium charge for Part B. Participants are encouraged to purchase Part B because the federal government pays three-fourths of the premium cost. ,Initial Enrollment Period An individual may join Medicare: No sooner than three months prior to the month of his or her 65th birthday.
During the month of his or her 65th birthday. No later than three months after the month of his or her birthday. Mutual extends the Medicare supplement enrollment period-adding three months to each period. ,Medicare Coverage Medicare is divided into two parts: Part A—in-patient hospital insurance
Part B—supplemental medical insurance ,Medicare – Part A Part A provides in-patient hospital care Pays for a portion of services in
skilled nursing facilities, home health care and hospice care Doesn’t cover physician or medical services ,Covered Hospital Services Part A covered hospital services : Room and board (semiprivate)
Operating and recovery room costs Laboratory tests and x-rays Drugs and medical supplies such as dressings General nursing and rehabilitation services Durable Medical Equipment Blood Transfusions (after first three pints) ,Benefit Periods A benefit period: begins the first day a person receives Medicare covered services in a hospital and
ends when the patient has b

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