Does Medicare Cover Hospital Stays?

Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital stays. Most people that are 65 or older get Medicare Part A with not additional premium If you Medicare Part A, then you will have some hospital coverage. However, Medicare does not pay all of your hospital bills.

What does Medicare Pay when I enter the hospital?

When you go into the hospital, you will have to pay the "Part A Deductible". For 2016, The Part A Deductible is $1,288.00. This $1,288.00 that you have to pay when you go into the hospital is not a one time or annual deductible. Once you pay this, it will cover you for the benefit period. Your benefit period is typically 60 days. So, if you enter the hospital as an inpatient in April, and than you go again in September, you will have to pay this $1,288.00 again.

How long does Medicare cover me while I am in the Hospital?

If you are in the hospital as an inpatient longer than 60 days, starting days 61-90: you will typically have to pay $322.00 per day. Starting days 91 and beyond: you will typically have to pay $644.00 per day.

What is not covered in the hospital under Medicare Part A:

Private-duty nursing
Private room (unless medically necessary)
Television and phone in your room (if there is a separate charge for these items)
Personal care items, like razors or slipper socks
IMPORTANT: When you go to the hospital, if you are place in "observation", Medicare Part A will not cover you. This will fall under Medicare Part B.

You can get more information directly from Medicare's website:

What can you do about these out of pocket costs if/when you enter the hospital:

Seniors have 3 options:

Pay these out of pocket costs.
Enroll into a Medicare Advantage Plan. (Medicare Part C) – This will not pay your hospital bills for you, instead you will be charged by your Medicare Advantage Plan. In 2016, this is typically around $300.00 per day each day, days 1-6. If you are interested in a Medicare Advantage Plan, please call 1-855-368-4717 and speak with one of our licensed agents.
Purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare Supplement Plan G is usually the best valued Medicare Supplement Plan for 2016. The Plan G will pay your Part A Deductible every time. The Plan G will also pay your per day hospital fees as well. The Plan G prices are different based on your zip code and age. To get a quote for the Plan G, click the "get your FREE quote now."
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Does Medicare Cover Hospital Stays?

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