MSNBC | Dr. Jill Stein : Reason for Recounts, Paper Ballots and Medicare For All

Credit: MSNBC

Dr. Jill Stein would love the opportunity to share her insights with Senator Adam Schiff and the House Intel Committee. She was the first to launch an inquiry into the interference and hacking in the 2016 elections in the form of a recount.


* Be Peaceful and to the Point.
* Focus On Your Community.
* Protect Health Care & Medicaid.
* Protect Our Elections Using Paper Ballots.
* Be a Truth Teller.
* Get Money Out of Politics.
* Protect Net Neutrality.
* End Complicity.
* Speak Out and Be Disobedient.
* Brainstorm and Get Creative.
*Text resist to 50409 to send letters to your Senators.
*Contact Department of Justice @ 202-353-1555.
*Contact your Senators @ 202-224-3121.
*Download: and make calls.
*Attend town hall meetings, ask questions, and demand answers.
*Stay on top of Facts and Truth.
*Follow the Money.
* People Power and Truth Wins.

15 thoughts on “MSNBC | Dr. Jill Stein : Reason for Recounts, Paper Ballots and Medicare For All

  1. I can’t say this enough – Jill Stein is amazing. She has such a beautiful vision that can help so many people. A vision we all share. I wish she was my president.

  2. God Bless Jill Stein! She’s one of the few who’ll never stop fighting for the people!

    In the campaign a lot of people said, “Oh, she’s running to boost her ego!” She wouldn’t be talking about the issues, advocating for Single Payer, RCV (the fairer election system) and paper ballots (more democratic) unless she actually cared about us, the people! (It’s like when Bernie helped the illegal immigrant workers of Immokalee, FL get better working conditions, despite them being non-voters, him not running for national office at that time and them not being in his constituency).

  3. nice try msnbc – shamelessly you dared to frame it like if Jill Stein is under some inquiry/investigation. you’re nothing but a bunch of scumbags. you’re nothing w/out Russia fake narrative.

  4. Where was dinosaur MSNBC when Jill was trying to deal with election fraud earlier in the year? They were making her out to be crazy. Can’t stand MSNBC, CNN, or Fox. Disgusting fake news channels. They are so short sighted. All of them will deliberately lie for ratings. I’m not here to judge people on their vote but I have no regrets voting for Jill Stein.

  5. Apparently rank voting is impossible to do with paper ballots and requires computer calculations and computers are easily hacked.

  6. Keep trying it, MSM. For as much as you try to play “gotcha” with Jill Stein, you’re always gonna be the one who got got. She’s too smart for you.

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