Bernie Sanders Announces When He Will Release “MEDICARE FOR ALL” Bill!

Bernie Sanders slams the guy who started the FBI investigation and announces when he will release his medicare for all bill.

35 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Announces When He Will Release “MEDICARE FOR ALL” Bill!

    • Dustin Zilbauer Comrade Dustin, you must be trumptard supporter. He’s your lord, go kiss your con man psycho president!!!

    • We would do well to support Senator Sanders. He is the Number One ranked US Congress member as chosen by the People. He has dedicated years to continuously working for the best interests of the People, our nation and the greater good of the world. He is one of the few who has not amassed a personal fortune while in Congress.
      The largest Nurses’ Association in the USA and over 2,000 doctors endorsed Bernie’s Health Plan during the campaign. It was vetted then, as well, and found to be short, medium and long term.
      When Bernie decided to run as a Democrat, he agreed to support the eventual nominee. That is how it is done, standard protocol. Bernie kept his word. He is wise: He knows we must begin from where we are. He knows we must put out best efforts forward to work together whenever possible, and keep the work at hand as the focus. He is well known for working effectively with both sides of the aisle. Well known by his colleagues as a person who cannot be bought-ever, and one who tells the truth. Bernie demonstrates Civil Comportment, as we are each obligated to, yet he bows and scrapes to no one. Get Real. The DNC and others did their harms, and Bernie, with our support, greatly changed the Democratic Platform and put a wallop on some changes for the DNC, a powerful beginning. The work is not complete yet. Worthwhile endeavors often take take and continued effort. He did his work with integrity and accomplished great strength by getting our attention and letting us know we are essential to our govt. of, for and by the People. Us standing together is how we win…Overcoming long standing apathy and/or absence is an astounding accomplishment. The 15 minute video, “Bernie Sanders: A Presidential Comparison,” shows how some of our best Presidents faced down the same poison intrusion of Big $. Bernie is aligned with them. It has been done before, we can do it again.
      How about some genuine gratitude and support?
      Bernie has explained and explained, the videos are well worth our time. We can also see him working on the House and Senate Floors and during Senate Hearings. Fierce by purity of purpose and only picking up clean, American tools to use. This is what our representatives are supposed to do. This is what the American ideal is, to build and safeguard the most American America we can. We are always to be working toward our American Ideals, we don’t get to be perfect, but we can and have and will again achieve excellence. He is one of our finest American Statesmen. What needs work is the citizenry’s attitudes and approaches, at times. Such poor behavior has become so common, and I do mean common, that when a person of integrity moves through their work, they
      are disparaged-assigned names and definitions that are ignorant and hostile. There is a smear campaign against
      Bernie is expressly because he is getting traction with the People for his true representation. His insistence that we work together to eliminate Big $ from where it never belongs, in our elections and govt., is not what the GOP or some Corporatists Democrats want. They are attempting to keep their un-Democratic, undue advantage at the unthinkable damage to the People and our govt. We are not meant to be, nor are we obligated to be, governed by
      corporations. Still, too many people, ready to pounce on any failing or offense, real or conjectured,
      using demeaning, belittling terms without a thought of informed consideration, before learning some Civics and informing themselves.That is not, “loving Bernie,” that is undermining ourselves, the People, his fine work, his fine name and the country he endlessly works to help us restore and maintain. Water cooler scuttle butt is not education, and is quite destructive when repeated. Mud slinging used to be reason for candidates and others to be ignored. This is why.
      Maybe join in the ongoing work instead. Bernie is also part of cleaning up and restoring the Democratic Party.
      If people just leave, we will be left with two major parties, both corrupt, holding virtually all of the power, with very little chance of change. Less than no reason to leave that kind of power with those who misappropriate and abuse it. The People built the Party.
      Regardless of party affiliation or none, Move to Amend, Move On, People for the American Way, Our Revolution and other quality groups we can check out/join in. We each need to do our part and ask our friends and families to do the same. I can’t forget about the people in the world who cannot even conceive of the idea of being allowed to be part of a govt. of, for and by the People, voting, Civil Rights, and the people in the world who can only dream about it. We the People have some work to do, and need to be thankful for the chance to do it.

    • oh yes, Dustin Zilbauer, Bernie and his wife are under investigation after being squeaky clean all these years just at the time he is the most popular politician in the US AND over LOANS that the Sanders did NOT benefit any money from over pledges that were not kept by others while Trump University has actually had lawsuits WON against them and other politicians that have benefited with money over their questionable deals. And what are you talking about Bernie couldn’t had done anything had he been elected? Trump has managed to do quite a lot without Congress or the Senate! And one thing is for sure Bernie would not had signed any bills that came across his desk that would make things worse for the 90 percent! Anyone knowing his many years in office would know that.

  1. Bernie is the only person who has a plan! We can’t play F-in games with these idiots who care more about money then peoples health! F- them! Bernie’s plan fixes the problem! Fix the problem, then move on to fix the other issues we have! Get health care out of the way!! Its so simple! Not complicated like Trump thinks. lol

    • ed spreitzer The United States is already paying 3.2 trillion a year for healthcare. Single payer brings those costs down. Come back when you can form a coherent point.

    • from what I’ve seen it’s a combination of a 11.7% increase to medicare tax(ex. $62 a paycheck for me and my employer pays $240 a paycheck , on a monthly basis this is $124 me $480 employer instead of the $2000 a month from employer and $326 from me.That’s an extra $200 in my pocket a month and $1500 in my employers) a $.50/per wall street speculation transaction and rerouting existing medical funding such as the VA, medicaid and planned parenthood. Also under this plan instead of the country paying 1.2 trillion a year cost could be renegotiated to estimates of 700 billion – 1 Trillion. I am aware that there are over 1 million health insurance related positions in the country, but with their knowledge and experience a large portion of them would be able to transition over to the government equivalent. Or with the money saved invest into free state college and they would be able to go into a new field if they choose to do so. This also does not mean private insurance companies will no longer exist so not all the positions would be lost.

    • Jeremy Chase I think ed spreitzer has a perfectly coherent point. For one, I would 100% support Bernie carrying out a daring bank heist to pay for people’s healthcare. If America’s presidency strongly resembles a reality show, why couldn’t America’s healthcare strongly resemble the plot of Elysium?

  2. Bernie is not beholden to anyone but the American people. So he is a free man, always looking out for the best of Americans. A 50 year track record of standing up to powerful vested interests that exploit the people. So when Bernie supports something, we better listen!

  3. “You say tens of thousand will die, where does that come from?”

    “Where does this thing you call “gravity” come from, can you prove it?”

  4. My brother in law got sick and didn’t see a doctor because he didn’t have health insurance. Well he passed away of meningitis because he didn’t see a doctor soon enough. By the time he did it had spread to his brain. I hate it when these republicans say that people don’t die from not having health insurance.

  5. Bernie is what we needed and wanted,and should be PRESIDENT! !!!!
    and for all you other look what you did to AMERICA. my most depressing 4th of July ….

  6. no one doesn’t want healthcare….the fact is no one can afford it outside of corporate America. Student loans take our money instead of retirement and healthcare…lets just get real. #NeAgainstBenSassePlan

  7. Brilliant idea … show us what Democrats and Independents want to do,
    and clearly let Americans know what it is. And an alternative budget
    would also be a great idea.

    • Bernie’s “short term” ideas will be a lot more palatable to Americans than increasing the government’s budget by 1/3rd with medicare for all. It’s just a fact that Americans dislike taxes. The country was literally founded as a protest to “taxation without representation.” It will be easy to spin single payer into “paying for someone else’s healthcare.”

    • vick3d. No one likes taxes. But we pay them for our roads, fire department, police, water systems, Social Security, Medicare, the list goes on and on.

      Here is the choice. Raise taxes, or continue to make mortgage payments for healthcare. Medicare for all will be CHEAPER, that is a FACT.

      You don’t really think Big Pharma and the Insurance companies spend millions lobbying against Single-payer for YOUR benefit, do you?

    • vick3d The highest risk groups are already on government healthcare. Seniors are on Medicare. The poor are on Medicaid. Then there are the disabled who collect SSI and have coverage through medicaid. The insurance industry and the politicians they own know Americans are stupid. The insurers take the lowest risk groups and pull down big profits. If you’re a high risk, no profit patient then the government can cover it.

  8. “Can you explain how people will die if they don’t have health insurance?” – he asked, like a true 1%er would

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