Michael Moore: Time To Fight For Medicare For All | All In | MSNBC

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore argues that in the wake of the failure of the GOP's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, Democrats should start fighting for single payer health care.
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Michael Moore: Time To Fight For Medicare For All | All In | MSNBC

Michael Moore: Time To Fight For Medicare For All | All In | MSNBC

68 thoughts on “Michael Moore: Time To Fight For Medicare For All | All In | MSNBC

  1. Keep fighting people….never give up…never surrender..its working….dont let the politicians tell you single payer doesnt work….the entire world has shown you it does work…I have not only had a child with no out of pocket but through the years 5 major operations and the only thing I paid for was the t.v. in my room and snacks from the hospitals snack shop…..you deserve it…its your human right

  2. Insurance companies shouldn’t be allowed to back out of deals. Socialize Healthcare and tell insurance companies to go screw themselves.

    • I’m really trying to figure out who’s still paying trolls, does anyone know? cause white’s clearly a paid troll not legitimate fanatic. Legit fanatics defend & counter & use lots of “alternative truths”. white just rants generic “leftist” hate & mindless aggression.

      real trump followers we might dub as “mindless” but they do have minds – mentally ill ones usually, white makes no attempt to make any sort of supportive argument & completely ignores any questions or suggestions put to it. I don’t think it could be fully robot though could it? I’m curious now what it actually is

  3. …..WE will win so much ,YOU will be tired of winning…..lolo lol lol pufffff .
    ..Too bad you didn’t pass the bill, now millions of poor people will stay alive and afford food and rent while the rich won’t be able to put in that second ferrari

    • Obamacare, the cult of personality, took decades to swindle Americans. YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY THE DEMOCRATS.

    • The push for universal healthcare as a right had been refuted by the founders of this Republic. The “progressive” left (not the leftist herd) has been pushing for this since FDR. No, you are mistaken. Before it was Obamacare it was Hillary care.

  4. We need to come to terms with the fact that the leadership of one of the two major parties belongs in a book on abnormal psychology. They should be in homes, not governing. Whatever they say should be out: freedom caucus, you’re out; Koch, you’re out; GOP leadership, you’re out. The country can NOT be allowed to be run from the mental ward!

    • Indeed… In a nutshell the whole Trumpism = MADNESS. A dysfunctional election system, an anti-America anti-patriot so-called pro-American party, a semi-demented narcissistic ‘birtherism’ sociopath, their power-mad rich sadistic predator cronies, 63 million self-sabotagers, and the still unrepentant 100 million APATHETIC BYSTANDERS who failed to vote when their vote mattered. Stand up and rescue this country from mental patients.

    • Indeed. The GOP in almost totality, and thank goodness there are a few good-hearted souls in the GOP party, became obscene to the very soul.  George Orwellian.

  5. f%#% the pharmaceutical companies as well as the insurance companies. They are driving this country to the ground.

    • Poya Hedayati If we can socialize the system, only the most powerful companies will be able to buy off the government. If we can destroy the failing system we have now, the most powerful pharmaceutical companies will be able to stay in power forever and permanently stop competitors from undercutting prices. They are the only ones who can end the free market and stop price competition between companies.
      Only the most powerful should be able call the shots and set prices and a centralized Socialist government is the only way to achieve this goal. Destroy Trump!

    • +TheGuerillapatriot & we know it’s true because dishonest donald said “somebody told me that” & anytime he says that we know his source is 100% reliable & he’s telling the truth, because dishonest donald NEVER lies or shares “alternate truths”

    • Of course they want single payer! Anyone with a brain does! Look at the costs for single payer systems v America pre-Obamacare http://www.commonwealthfund.org/interactives-and-data/us-compare-interactive#?ind=1&compare=CAN so of course they would rather singlepayer, but since the republicans wouldn’t allow them to put it through, the democrats chose to put through the best they could negotiate with the republicans to allow through (yes they had the numbers but they still needed state co-operation etc). Yes Obamacare was significantly better than the previous system, it was more cost effective and covered more people, but the Republicans had named it “Obamacare” expecting it to be a dud & to humiliate Obama, but then when it worked, they didn’t want their potential voters loving something with their opposition’s name to it, so they started sabotaging & blocking funding, despite the funding needs being lower than the previous contributions, just more effectively structured.

      Anyway I’m really just talking to myself here aren’t I, you’ve already made up your mind, anyone who’s still supporting donald and his GOP (group of puppets) at this stage has no intention of ever considering facts, so enjoy your alternate reality, but don’t think we all live there

    • Lilac; My posts are still there. What are you talking about?

      And Japan is doing just fine. And they have among the most strict immigration rules.

      But as we all know; ‘diversity’ is just code for ‘anti-white’. Which is why ONLY white western countries need to be ‘multicultural’.

    • ind not for me they’re not. I can only see 3, 1 from 5 days ago, one starting with “Simple” & the one I’m replaying to now (just posted) rest have vanished my end
      Anyway Japan is a mess! They also have baby boomers & are trying to figure out what they’re going to do, because very soon they know they’re going to be in a situation where they simply won’t have enough workforce to operate the country or even care for the elderly because of their aging population & no significant numbers of immigrants. Countries need more people of working age than retirement age or their economies simply collapse.

      So how are you going to achieve that in the US? If your plan is to euthanase anyone beyond working age, don’t you think that should be done soylent green style with humanity rather than just running funding for medicare & social security out & then leaving them to either live off their own savings or starve to death, dying a very long, slow miserable death?

  6. Hawaii has had state Healthcare similar to Obamacare. It works. When my daughter was born 12 years ago, it broke my wife’s spine. I would be financially ruined had it not been for Alohacare.
    This tax season, I have a $400 tax penalty for partial non enrollment, and I’m completely fine with that.
    Universal Healthcare is one of the major things that will define us as a society and bind us together as a nation. The notion that if you prosper within the fabric of this nation, that you give a little more to the less fortunate so that we can all live to see tomorrow, hopefully a better tomorrow. That’s an American dream and ideal. That’s worth fighting for. Malama and Aloha

  7. i think that trump wants the obamacare to explode….but I think this might cause a political backlash that might allow the democrats to go for a single payer system…..this is probably gonna be there only chance to implemete it…because in normal climates I cant see the republicans agreeing with it…unless pushed into it ..in a state of emergency

    • agreed! maybe something good will come out of donald duck’s presidency after all – if people mobilise & push hard enough now!

  8. Trumps only policy is to destroy everything Obama built out of spite irrespectve of the harm that policy will do. Trump is a bitter vindictive old man who only cares about his self aggrandisment and getting revenge for his failure as a human being

    • Yes. I mean, I think that’s obvious to most people. But of course a sizable sum (such as the ever popular paid trolls in Youtube comments and the occasional bot) decide to ignore that and would gladly watch the U.S. burn.

      What I’m saying is, only a troll would argue with you, but they’d do so despite knowing you have the right of it.

    • Nope Shawn I’m going to argue with Sopho :p, I think he has 2 policies not 1, first one as Sopho says, but he has a second “make money for donald & the trump brand” both through exploiting the President’s position for personal gain, but also long term via changing tax laws to give tax cuts to the super rich, to be paid for by the suckers who he conned into voting for him

  9. The Solution:
    1) Vote out every right-wing Republican in Congress in 2018
    2) Force Congress to pass a Medicare-For-All bill
    3) Force President Mike Pence to sign it

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