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  1. I have to disagree a little bit. A physician can do what he/she deems necessary , so the conception that you doctor WILL NOT TOUCH YOU is wrong. First you have to identify your patients, you may have a patient that only comes once at year for their wellness visit and if the physician deems necessary (medical decision making ) he/she can do a modify version of a physical examination However, if your “frequent flyer patient” comes for a wellness visit you may want to focus in prevention and stay away from a chronic illness and management.

  2. I found following comment online from a medicare patient who recently “endured” his amv:

    “Then came the written question about my sex life and if I had one.
    Were there any questions in HHS’s mandated questionnaire about what
    my nutrition or healthy living plans were?  No, because that is not
    their goal.  The questions they ask are frankly none of the Government’s
    business and because they are now a public matter are more egregious to
    ask a patient.  The doctor and nurse apologized for having to ask these
    questions and the doctor specifically said that he was frustrated that
    “he couldn’t get back to what he was educated to do – be a doctor and
    had to spend time answering computer questions which he hated.”

    • I was also told by my Dr’s nurse that he hates doing these. I refuse to have this exam. My business is not the Governments business.

  3. This is a joke!!! If you see your Dr as I do every 6 months, they know all these answers. Bunch of Government Intrusion!

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