Medicare 101: Medicare Part B

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Medicare Part B can be the most important part of Medicare. It is not free of charge for the majority of people and it can take people off of their initial enrollment of Medicare. Medigap Plan B is not the same as Medicare Part B. If you have your Medicare card that you received after signing up at the social security office then you should see Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B directly on the front of the card. If Medicare Part B is not on the card, then you are actually not fully on Medicare and you will still have your open enrollment when you sign up for Part B. If you have Medicare A and B and you need a Medigap plan F or Plan C, you can then start looking at AARP, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha, Heartland, or Medico. In Boulder Colorado the plan to be is Cigna for woman and AARP for men. If you live in Colorado Springs it is great to go to our website and take a look at the list of Medigap plans and companies with prices. Zip codes where Cigna in 2013 and 2014 should be strong include 80901,80902,80903,80904,80905,80906,80907,80908,80909,80910,80911,80912,80913,80914,80915,80916,80917,80918,80919,80920,80921,80922,80923,80924,80925,80926,80927,80928,80929,80930,80940,80950,80941,80942,80943,80944,80945,80946,80947,80948,80949,80950,80951,80960,80962,80970,80977,80995,80997. Of course the zip code is Colorado Springs but we have prices and plans for Medigap all over the country.

Medicare 101: Medicare Part B


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