Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage – Understanding Medicare Supplements

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Medicare Supplements versus Medicare Advantage. Understanding Medicare supplements, medicare supplement insurance, medicare advantage, medicare advantage plans, medicare part D, medicare part D donut hole, medicare AARP.

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3 thoughts on “Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage – Understanding Medicare Supplements

  1. So, you could think of the supplement as a pay me now plan (premiums) and
    the Advantage plan as a maybe pay me now(premiums) but mostly pay me later
    (copayments, coinsurance and deductibles).

  2. This was OK but it failed to mention the risk of catastrophic illness under
    Medicare Advantage. My wife’s mother, who had Medicare Advantage, was
    diagnosed with lung cancer and the Cancer Center recommended chemotherapy
    at $5,000 per treatment. Since she had a 20% copay, she would have to
    prepay(they insisted) $1,000 before each treatment. The treatments could
    last six months and would have bankrupted her parents. Buying MA is the
    equivalent of insuring your house for 80% hoping no total fire.

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