Medicare Supplement Plans (Plan N 2019)

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Medicare Supplement Plan N just could be the best Medicare Supplement Plan for some. It is close to the coverage of a Medicare Supplement Plan G but has some differences that could cost you if you do not pay attention. Get the full report on Medicare Supplement Plans (Plan N 2018) here

The Medicare Supplement Plan N has a copay for the doctor of $20.00 per visit, so if you go to the doctor several times a month, the cost would then outweigh the lower monthly premium.
There is also the $50.00 copay if you go to the emergency room, this copay will be waived if you are admitted to the hospital.
Part B Excess charge is also not covered unless you live in the states that do not allow for the excess charge. The states that do not allow any excess charges to be billed to the Medicare beneficiary. include Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. For these states a Medicare Supplement Plan N would be a great choice.
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Loran Marmes
Medicare Solutions Team


Medicare Supplement Plans (Plan N 2019)

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  1. A Plan N can be a very good choice for a Medicare Supplement Plan in the right Circumstances. Do you have any questions? Just comment below or call 844-528-8688.

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