Managing Your Medicare Savings Fulltime

Get someone on your side to help each year with your Medicare Savings. Consider us to give you free information on Managing Your Medicare Savings Fulltime.
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After you enroll into Medicare its a Fulltime job to make sure you and your household are able to keep pace with the rising cost of healthcare. Financial peace of mind for you by choosing a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan that pays for things like the copays, deductibles and the 20% coinsurance Medicare does not cover

Here are just some of the information, companies and and links that our clients use to manage their SAVINGS on their Part D Drug Plan, Rx Costs & Lowering their Medigap Plan Premiums..

-Prescription Assistance Cards:
-Shop your Prescription Costs at
-Also check with your Pharmacy & Doctors sometimes they have Rx
Savings knowledge as well on your medications.
-Call 1-800-633-4227(Medicare) to Enroll over-the-phone for individual Part D Drug Plan in your area & to shop your drug plan each year.
Ask for "The lowest out-of-pocket drug plan which includes my medications in the formulary" for “Health & Drug Plan Finder” button is to find out what is available in your area for "Get Help with Costs with Medicare Savings Programs" available in your area

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Managing Your Medicare Savings Fulltime

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