Medicare Supplement Plans: 89% Overpay. Find Out If You Do.

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Whether you're just about to turn 65 and are facing a transition to Medicare, or you've been on it for some time, one of the big challenges is understanding Medicare supplement (or gap) insurance plans.

Many seniors are confused and even misled about their options, and nearly 90% of seniors with this insurance, overpay. In other words they could be getting the exact same coverage with the exact same doctors for less.

My name is Jeff Wirth and I'm the founder of Frankly, I'm tired of seeing insurance companies take advantage of seniors by overcharging for coverage. That's why I'm on a mission to help as many seniors as I can by understanding their needs, recommending a plan that best fits those needs, and then shopping as an independent agent between all the top insurance companies in their area to make sure they get the lowest rate possible.

And my service is 100% free.

Let me explain. The agent’s commission is already built into the premium so even if you go direct to the insurance company, a lower rate isn’t possible; the price remains the same with or without an agent acting on your behalf. My service will not only save you money, but time and frustration, so I hope that free help from a professional sounds pretty good. Especially since I work for you rather than the insurance companies, and will gladly move you between companies to save you money.

And remember, you would keep getting the same coverage and the same doctors. That's because the law requires that each supplement plan offer identical coverage, regardless of the carrier. So why pay more when you're not getting more?

Now there's one more thing I’d like to make you aware of. Maybe you got a great deal on your supplement insurance when you first signed up for it, but rates are changing all the time, and if you haven't heard from your agent in the last 18 months, there's a good chance you're among the nearly 90% who are overpaying.

That's why I created our Annual Savings Review, where we take the time to reach out to you once a year prior to your policy anniversary and make sure that you're still getting the best rates. Since most agents will never do this it shows my commitment to you. I really am tired of seeing people overpay and I sincerely want to help you out. So, if you haven't chosen an agent yet or haven't heard from yours, I’m here to help. And I will look out for your best interests not just today, but year after year.

Remember, my help is absolutely free, and there's no obligation when you call. Let's take the confusion out of Medigap insurance plans by letting me walk you through it all. Since options are different in every zip code, it really makes sense to have a professional help you out.

Give me a call, toll free at 1-800-403-2960, and let me help you keep more of your money, starting right now.

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