Help Us Stop the Medicare Experiment

Dr. Michael Diaz, President of the Florida Society of Clinical Oncology, discusses his concerns about how the proposed Medicare Experiment may limit cancer patients’ access to the most current treatments.

One thought on “Help Us Stop the Medicare Experiment

  1. Thank you, Dr. Diaz, for your candidness. I was, as most of us are, totally
    unaware of this “Medicare Experiment” until I inadvertently stumbled across
    your video today. My husband and I are on medicare, though in my case we
    retain full CHP coverage due to my nearly 68 years as a Sickle Cell
    Warrior. We have for decades pastored a church, which has, as most do,
    people in every age group. We, too, have aged with the church itself and
    are watching longtime members age with us. Some age well, some not so well,
    ergo our concern for the proficiency of Medicare and Medicaid.
    Keep the information coming – we’ll keep the prayers flowing and trust God
    to direct our footsteps, as well as our understanding of how these systems
    work. Thank you!

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