Medicare For All EXPLAINED

Cenk Uygur speaks with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed about what Medicare For All REALLY means. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, break it down.

Host: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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Medicare For All EXPLAINED

40 thoughts on “Medicare For All EXPLAINED

  1. The Cons will say it would kill health insurance industry. They’ll still have Home, Life, and Auto insurance (still able to rip you off Bigly) BTW for profit health insurance wasn’t legal until the early 1970’s.

    • Medicare for all = 30 TRILLION dollars PER YEAR!!.
      Health insurance industry is bigger then those you named. You liberals love to destroy jobs don’t you? 0bama destroyed the coal industry (Trump brought it back). 0bama watched ALL our steel plants shut down, (Trump brought back steel manufacturing). 0bama raised cooperate taxes and jobs left the country. Now you want to destroy the entire health insurance industry. EVer have cancer? Family member with cancer? Probably not. Or else you would understand. I had cancer, and 0bamacare did not help. I had to pay 100% my self. Liberal leaders are telling you lies. Same lies as before. They didn’t work last time, there not going to work now. Everything there talking about 0bama tried it and it FAILED!!!!

  2. our Michigan witch said she would never compromise herself for insurance companies , then the first thing she did was hire to her cabinet family and her family is in bed with Blue Cross

    • ​+Corey Micallef Can’t even talk about Australia without deflecting to the UK. I got an MRI last month literally on the day I requested it- private. I had broken nose fixed with one days notice- Sunshine coast private, public wanted me to wait 7 months. My children both needed grommets, public 18 mth wait. Got them in 3 days private. Not just talking about major surgeries and procedures, dumbass. The Australian government taxes EVERYBODY to use medicare, but punishes for use with a medicare levy.

      Because single payer healthcare like AOC is proposing is for EVERYONE. And the OP was comparing it to Australia’s public health system.

  3. Since progressives got involved in medical care the doctor no longer comes by the house, but keep preaching your utopian plan.

    Progressives backing government interference has made medical care higher n higher by guaranteeing a higher premium backed by higher n higher taxes.

    I wish my business was backed by the guns of government.

  4. Fighting accomplishes nothing negotiate for medicare for all.
    But fighting wont help. Especially while we dont have medicare for all. Fighting will be more costly.

  5. People need to start bringing up how our healthcare system was Richard Nixon’s gift to private insurance companies from the beginning in all of these debates. We need a restart.

  6. Americans are so scared of universal health insurance. It’s ridiculous… I grew up in Germany. Everyone pays into health insurance there by paying 10% of their gross income into a “health fund” which is then used to cover everybody. There are NO premiums, NO deductibles, NO co-pays. We also have universal retirement & unemployment funds that work in a similar way.

    This all works well for 80+ million people. And hundreds of millions around the world in all other countries with universal health insurance — everywhere in Europe, Canada, Australia… But Americans have been fooled to believe this is “impossible” or “government can’t do it.”

    • This is the bottom line. Granted, I don’t listen to all who rave about Medicare for all, but I have not heard one person propose that everyone pay into the system to make it work for all. It seems that everybody wants someone else to pay the bill. Why doesn’t some proponent of this proposal of Medicare for all, stipulate how it will be paid for?

    • Dallas Warfield I think we do. I don’t think it’s being entitled. I think healthcare should be a right not a privilege. And it’s less money out of my pocket to do M4A. I don’t think that’s a crazy idea.

    • +Sara Dean If you need $300 plus copay and deductibles, the government is going to tell you to sell your cars or move in to a smaller house. You’ll have to become a poor person first and that’s going to cost much more than $150. You’ll need to find another way for the $300 plus copay and deductibles, because the government sure isn’t going to be the one that does. The government’s mission is to take care of the poor, handicap etc., Poor is to balance Capitalism and the handicap is for Veterans. Every body else is on their own

  7. The rest of the world has Universal Healthcare. Various Systems, single payer, Two- Teired. Don’t let the Republicans and Big Pharma convince you otherwise.

    • How stupid are you? We have the richest country in the world thats why we get so many illegal immigrants wanting to come here. They want our medical care our jobs our opportunities.

  8. Medicare for All explained:

    That thing that Democrats say they favor before walking back on it when it is actually time to do something about it…..

  9. In the UK we have both a public and private healthcare options. The public option (the NHS) is free for all, the private option is basically a queue jump or for non-necessary procedures that you can’t get on the NHS (basically plastic surgery that isn’t medically necessary). The public option has a waiting list, sometimes as long as a year (depending on how many people are waiting for that particular procedure), you can jump the queue by paying to go to a private hospital for it. When it comes to life threatening illnesses/injuries you get to jump to the front of the queue

    • Matt Roberts so would you say it works or do you wish it was something else? A year is a long time to wait for a procedure but if it’s considered non-emergency then is it ok to wait? Just trying to learn as much as possible.

    • +Sara Dean the NHS is regarded as the best overall healthcare system in the world, it does have its problems, but most of those are due to lack of funding (as a result of having a conservative government in power, worked far better in the 2000s when we had a Labour government, still wasn’t perfect though). But if we had a choice between the NHS and switching to a private insurance model, there wouldn’t be much support for the latter. To win an election here you need to say: invest in the NHS (normally with some depth to policy changes they’d make) and increasing pensions as a top 2 policies. The NHS is the UK’s biggest asset. The mains problems with it are waiting times, sometimes it can take up to 4 hours to be seen in accident and emergency (non-life threatening injuries), you can be on a waiting list for up to a year for a hip or knee replacement, though those in the most pain get to jump the queue. Compared to an insurance model where a hip or knee replacement might not be covered and you’d need to find a serious amount of money to pay for surgery, I’ll take waiting a year every time.

    • Matt Roberts thank you for the explanation. I think I would feel the same way in that situation. As it is right now I work hard, have two jobs, make enough to pay for a mortgage, car and food, but beyond that there’s no extra for medical issues or to fix my car or for savings. I’d welcome a little less burden or even an even trade, like I’d pay the same I’m paying now but not have a deductible or copay etc. Anyway, thanks for the info 🙂

  10. Canada has universal health care. It covers doctors visits and hospital visits and it helps to keep prescriptions low, but most of us that work get benefits through work that covers dental and vision and prescription costs.

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