Nancy Pelosi Works With Insurance Companies Against Medicare For All

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Less than a month after Democrats — many of them running on “Medicare for All” — won back control of the House of Representatives in November, the top health policy aide to then-prospective House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Blue Cross Blue Shield executives and assured them that party leadership had strong reservations about single-payer health care and was more focused on lowering drug prices, according to sources familiar with the meeting…

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Nancy Pelosi Works With Insurance Companies Against Medicare For All


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83 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Works With Insurance Companies Against Medicare For All

    • Eh maybe if it’s the progressive version of the yellow vests (as in occupy Wall Street version two). The yellow vests in France are mostly far right and I would take the establishment over a far right takeover any day….

    • +RipCityBassWorks That’s not true. If you’ve seen the Yellow Vest list of demands it’s a combination of far left and far right interests. They want living wages, better public services, no more neoliberal austerity, regulation of financial global markets, fair trade deals, the right to form & join unions, equal taxation and pay regardless of class or gender, get the hell out of the middle east and west Africa. That’s just off the top of my head. Yes they call for a moratorium on immigrants and refugees and that’s necessary. Why? Because you can bet that France will have a huge bulls eye on their head after leaving the EU. The western powers will want to Gaddafi the country just like they did to Libya and the rest of the so called 3rd world and they can’t guarantee migrants can be accounted for during the political turmoil. And as a descendant of immigrants myself I can see the several sides of the issue. If you’re referring to the catholic yellow vests they are just opportunistic posers. The majority of the country still doesn’t approve of their social conservatism but nonetheless there a bunch of catholics who indeed live there, that’s life. And they do share a common interest in clean energy and environmental protections with the overall yellow vest movement that’s not a lie.

    • Thats crazy, idk what i’d do honestly. This past November i was on antibiotics basically the whole time and i had no choice, a gland under my chin was infected. Socialized health care and education, here we come!

    • Haven’t been to the doc since I ran to the ER in 2013 to have my appendix yanked out. Need a dentist too. Can’t afford it.

    • Reading all of these – and currentlly enduring my *own* reminder, due to the price of prescriptions which I cannot afford to pay for (sinus flareup) – I’m wondering:

      Is this what so many people seemingly want? Does the ruling class enjoy the sufferings of their seeming chattels? (How they appear to see those of lower social ranking) Or do they simply not care?

      Is it *”What is mine, is mine”* – or is it *”What’s mine is mine – and what you think is your’s – that is mine, too”?*

    • The Awoken and Broken Matt Hardy
      The bill was back n forth with amendments bc it wouldve never passed. What they ended up with was a hollowed out bill destined to get repealed or sent to court as unconstitutional.
      I expect the same vicious battle for UHC.

    • @Yeska, even though the Netherlands are a relatively developed (progressive) country compared to the US, (cannabis, prostitution and same-sex marriage(first ever gay marriage performed stopera, Amsterdam)) on the issue of healthcare we really suck(our system is more like Obamacare), there was just a change in policy by the health insurers on “vitamins” that basically said that if you need vitamins or other “supplements” they don’t have to pay, even if you are on methotrexate and need folic acid to keep from getting sick, you’ll have to pay out of pocket, same for prenatal vitamins even if the doctor prescribes it, you’re gonna pay. In my country women also need to pay out of pocket for “the pill”.
      So yeah not really single-payer or even strongly controlled insurance here.

    • She’s much better Trump. She can speak English at a native speaker level. I don’t think she’s ever sexually harassed or raped anyone. She’s never been explicitly pro Nazi as far as I know.

      It’s a low bar that can serve double duty as a speed bump, but there you go.

    • +EsophagusEater67 simple, sir:

      Drumpf is wonderful, if you are a member of the ruling class.

      Drumpf is a giant step in the right direction, if you are inclined toward a *racially, socially, and ideologically pure* country governed by an *authoritarian leader having absolute power,* e.g. an updated domestic version of Nazi Germany.

      If you are not a member of the above two groups – Drumpf is anywhere from obnoxious to awful, and needs replacement with someone of greater integrity and/or sanity.

    • Why isn’t Drumpf and company in prison for a vast host of criminal activities?

      Possible answer: there is a multi-tier criminal justice system, with the wealthy and powerful receiving favorable treatment (at times, near complete immunity) compared to those lower in social and economic standing.

      Of course, the lowest tiers have not been fully implemented yet – those which proclaim one’s *existence* a capital crime, one worthy of summary justice.

    • Because this would only be considered in a system that is there to represent the people in a vaguely democracy adjacent fashion, In this system though, it was nothing more than an attempt to correct a miscalculation.
      Trump on the right (to crazy to be be a taken seriously) sanders on the left ( portray him as a communist )
      I would bet this was the basic idea to find a way around the fact that everybody knew HRC was UN-electable
      The court stated that the DNC is a private organization and that they have no obligation to pretend to be anywhere close to democratic

    • Plebeian Media well, mainly because she didn’t. Bernie was beat down fair and square. His rallies were a bunch of high school and college kids who don’t go to the polls.

    • +Patrick Barrett There is no Wakanda like nation anywhere on this planet. I’m not sure if you know this but Vibranium isn’t real.

    • +The Awoken and Broken Matt Hardy I agree with you 100000000000%. The only point that is NOT about race but economics, FOR THE PLUTOCRATS, is mass immigration and I mean the legal kind. 2 million foreign workers per year does not leave many jobs for Americans. This does not count people just popping over or ppl who come illegally. This is why you have people with STEM degrees working at starbucks, if they are lucky enough to get a job. Or they move back home! So that is a serious issue and it has nothing to do w/ race. But as far as the racist comments that troll made, they are unacceptable.

    • donHooligan Now I agree I want my taxes to benefit me. However, I don’t want Bernie raising them. I want to able to keep more of money, but Bernie does not want me to keep more of my money. That’s why oppose Medicare For All. It does not allow us to keep more of my money.

    • +Harry Mann Jr With Bernie’s policies, 90% of the population will be able to afford more goods and services. If you’re not in the 90%, then go and vote for your racist demagogue.

    • That saying drain the swamp when you look at it means to drain a wetland and murder many animals that live there via starvation, suffocation, etc. But root out corruption is much better of a saying indeed.

    • +Harry Mann Jr unless you are currently a member of the ruling class, Drumpf *aready* raised *your* taxes.


      Because the ruling class are *exalted and superior beings* (as per social darwinism) and they deserve to prey *unhindered* upon those they see as *prey* – which is everyone not them.

  1. Always knew Pelosi was not for the people, she’s bought and paid for. If they want to win 2020 they need to go hard left. Medicare for all.

    • QueSeraSera2010
      Medicare For All & all the other things that Bernie supporters want, is not even hard left.

      It is not the fringe left, hard left or any way extreme.

      Medicare For All is just so normal, in the rest of the developed world. The rest of the developed world has had universal health care for all, for decades now.

      The “normies” somehow think that Bernie is a far leftist. Or that health care for everyone, is some extreme idea. It is just not.

    • +danintheoutback1 Something being normal doesn’t affect it’s position on the political spectrum. While it is true that universal healthcare is not far left it is still a left wing policy.

    • Actually that’s mostly Debbie Wasserman’s fault. She was the chairman for a full 8 years prior to 2016. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t speaker until 2007-2011. DWS is arguably the most powerful democrat still in the party. Why? Because of all the blackmail power she has from the Awan Bros scandal (the bros and one of their wives were successfully convicted, no media coverage whatsoever). The people of Florida have been trying to get rid of her for 3 years straight now. Broward County is a hot mess but at least we got rid of Sheriff Israel and Brenda Snipes. Lots of work left to do there.

  2. The American people need to be more politically educated. The neoliberalism of these center-right Democrats originate with Reagan’s (US) and Thatcher’s (UK) policies. Does that sound anything left leaning to you? They’re conservatives end of story. Can’t get progression with them in power.

    • +roi grose I’m hopeful but I’m not optimistic. I think we’ll see slight incrimental changes like more affordable college, lower prescription drug prices, and slightly higher marginal tax rates on the rich. But do I think we’ll see radical landmark changes like Medicare for All or a Green New Deal or free college or a 70% tax on the rich in the foreseeable future? No.

    • +2007NewEnglandPatriotsFan Most people dont want incremental changes anymore, notice? That’s neolib technocratic thinking, not progressive enough for the majority. It will be a big fight, kick off was 2016, rumble in 2020. Which side do you want to win?

    • +roi grose I want Bernie to win and I don’t want incrimental change either. Hell I want us to switch to the Metric System. Nobody is talking about that because we have bigger issues to worry about that need to be resolved first. However, I’m also a realist who knows how out of touch politicians are with the majority of the country. That’s not going to change anytime soon.

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