‘Medicare for All’ bill would cost $32.6 trillion, study says

Wall Street Journal editorial board Bill McGurn on the “Medicare for All” proposal and how Democrats are beginning to support socialist policies.

‘Medicare for All’ bill would cost $32.6 trillion, study says

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    • Lucas Akame Lucas like in Canada , Britain, France and Germany corperations will pay a smaller portion of what they already pay into the system.

      Along with what you may already be paying as a co-payment on your employers plan. I think, not sure as I do not live there but some employees are already matching contributions that there employers are making.

      Correct me if I am wrong. That would then be collected as part of your taxes, your take home remains roughly the same but with the saving of the medicare system the entire coumtry is now covered.

      Not magic it’s the standard in every first world country but yours.

      I go to my doctor regularly and he quaterbacks my health care. I pay nothing more and my payroll deductions are the same as in the US.

      Companies don’t want single payer because they ise their health care to endenture you. Single payer will give you the freedom to find a better place to work if you are unhappy because employed or not you’ll always have healthcare.

    • Mr Mr The VA is completely missmanaged like all military spending but you don’t hear the same about Medicare do you?

    • I know!!!!! How about we cut back on the 700 trillion a year we spend on the military, say by 50%, and we will still have the largest military in the entire world. Oh wait, then that would be 350 trillion less in the pockets of our good politicians and their owners. No, I guess that won’t work.

  1. This is a good video!..Why are they not telling how much the government employee heath care is costing the taxpayer, and i am not even asking for them to include their pensions…

    • glenn brunck right on they should be more transparent I mean they work for us don’t they We the People Go Trump go

    • Because in America, we don’t need no stinking pensions? Instead of complaining about the teachers and firemen having a decent pension, try complaining about the corporate parasites that took away the pensions that everyone used to have.

    • togbe amega+ remember, ocasio cortez and grandpa bernie are also proposing free college tuition, free housing, free federal jobs, free US citizenship. if free medicare costs $32 trillion, how much more would those other items add onto the sum?


    • You’l pay it either way. If you are not paying the hospital directly, the government will with your tax dollars.

      The difference between the US and Canada for example, is i pay for a service i might never need. In the US, you pay as you go.

  2. The issue with this video’s title is the 32.6 trillion is over a 10 year period not a single year. the current system we have costs 3.3 trillion a year, costing us in 10 years about 33 trillion plus inflation in a decade. the medicare for all bill will only cost as the title says, 32.6 trillion in a decade. the bill will actually save the US government a few hundred billion in the long run, and not only that but you won’t have to pay deductibles, you won’t have to pay copays, there won’t be some middleman trying to make a profit between your payment to the hospital. Instead your tax dollars will go directly to the hospital and you won’t have to pay the emergency room costs for people who had easily-preventable conditions.

    You guys will hate this because its what you call a Socialist policy, but this bill would actually help Americans.

    • Gerry A damn so you mean even if you use the Wikipedia article’s numbers, we can provide full spectrum coverage to the entire country for the same amount we currently pay? That sounds like a great idea! Germans, Swedes, Brits, Danes and many others absolutely love their socialized medicine. Right now, about 30 million don’t have healthcare.

    • Plainglasswindows the real cost to americas healthcare system today is waste,inflated prices and insurance company profits. When you get rid of all the middle men and have 1 provider negotiating drug costs and doctor fees the prices drop significantly. Basically youd be just trading 1000 expensive/inefficient systems for 1 cheaper/efficient system for same price

    • All medical costs in 2015 was 3.3 trillion. We paid roughly 30% of that (1 trillion) out of medicare and medicade… or with tax money. We are nowhere near 78 trillion… for anything.

    • DJ DENNIS The problem with those who refuse to learn from history is that you drag those of us who do down with you.

      Bernie loves Bernie, it’s obvious…
      My only problem with Bernie, other than his age, is where the money will come from.
      Other than that…

    • DJ DENNIS Typical propaganda pushed by the left . Before you simply parrot the same old tired propaganda , how about researching the population numbers , population demographics , tax rates , gdp , and government regulation levels in their markets . If you do this it’s blatantly obvious to even the densest person their system won’t work here and is unsustainable .

    • E V E R Y M A N A K I N G
      I feel sorry for you guys, how are you ever going to move ahead with so many unenlightened people to drag into the future.

      Maybe selective breading is a needed thing.

  3. All congress members have free healthcare
    and most of them will vote no for a medicare for all bill

    Hypocritical america, at its finest

    • Dennis Walker – Idiocy. Really? So, how are people going to afford health insurance? I thought the sky was going to fall down when the British government decided to introduce a minimum wage some years ago. Guess what? It hasn’t. $15 a month is actually more than the UK’s minimum wage, which currently sits at around $11 an hour. There is a myth that the United States is a cheap place to live. It isn’t. Health insurance is the biggest hit of them all. I saw a list of average prices for common goods the other week – some are THREE TIMES what I’d expect to pay for them in the UK. But, hey, eggs are cheaper in the US so that’s okay, right? Much of that cost is caused by transportation costs. The US also has one of the most expensive and inefficient mail systems in the world. It’s why I have to think twice before ordering anything from the US.

      All this is why $15 an hour in the US makes sense.

    • KwazyWabbit I guess a higher wage would have helped him put more aside for himself.

      If there’s not enough money it’s because it’s being kicked back in corporate welfare to companies who pay little to no taxes. Exxon Moble get government subsidies how is that right?

      if they can’t make money in the oil business which is BS why are they in it?

      2/3’s of all US welfare is corperate but the story is it’s the poor who drain the money.

      The medical bill is already being paid and in 10 years is expected to be over 33.6 trillion.

      The current system is 30% more than that of France, Germany, Britain and Canada and leaves 40 million uninsured and 100 million under insured.

      By using the same money already being spent and diverting that to a tax based single payer you will have every legal person covered and have a 30% surplus for medical research or a tax refund or to shore up your dads retirement dollars.

      You have to like that.

      In Canada we have 2 pensions from the govenment that currently net out at $1500 to $1600 a month combined but we have always been expected and encouraged to save on our own with or without a company pensions.

      The govenment can’t possibly collect enough taxes to pay us a comfortable wage in retirement, it’s only there as a supplement.

      And to keep it going for the baby boomers, the largest portion of the population and now entering retirment, you are going to need people. A lot of people, paying into the system or it will go broke as seniors are living longer.

      Which means better wages will help and immigration will need to be increased to carry the load.
      Our parents didn’t have enough kids to sustain the system but our grandparents had too many hence the baby boom bubble.

      Canada has been prepping for this for decades and that will help but we are also needing to increasing the population with immigration and the faster the better.

    • Robert Angelier – I would actually like to be able to see that report myself. Something doesn’t make sense. One of the problems seems to be, just looking at the figure, that they’re assuming that insurance companies would still be in the loop. For it to work to maximum capability, payments have to be made directly by the government. Currently, medicare costs 5 times as much as Britain’s entire NHS and yet provides healthcare to 10 million fewer people. It’s because it’s used to pay monthly insurance premiums regardless of whether the recipient actually needs healthcare. Extremely wasteful and extremely inefficient.

    • Chad B – Funny, isn’t it? Republicans complain and ask about the cost of universal healthcare but never ask how they’re going to pay for their own policies, such as tax cuts for the rich and military spending. How are you going to pay for those, huh?

  4. It would save you 50% what you spent today covering all Americans not just the healthy rich.
    As a Canadian I hate the government but in this case it works!

    • IHEartLReoy IHEartLReoy actually, in May 2017 the CA Democratic party installed Eric Bauman, pharamaceutical lobbyist, as party chair, and so they didn’t whip properly to make it a reasonable bill. The bill passed the Senate and went to the Assembly, where they had to increase taxes to pay for it, which required a 2/3 majority vote (which they could have had, as Dems were in the supermajority). Anthony Rendon (D), Speaker of the Assembly came out with a bizarre, last-minute statement shutting down the bill right before 5pm on Friday June 23rd that talked more about Obamacare than single payer.

      On top of that, multiple studies from the CA Nurses Association and UMass Amherst showed it would save costs for Californians, save $30 billion overall, and a majority of people in the state wanted it implemented.

      Of course you can never prove corruption in our pay-for-access, post-Citizen’s United, lobbyist merrygoround of a swamp, but goddamn it dude, they are corporate shills who didn’t have the guts to actually represent their people who wanted the bill. As Princeton found out years ago, we effectively live in an oligarchy, because the policy desires of the 90% of Americans are never implemented.

      You wanna talk about facts over feelings? How about you stop whining about non-citizen migrants that recieve basically 0 from the welfare state (because they aren’t citizens and can’t sign up!), but because they contribute to the economy are actually a net contributor to it.

      Just remember this: whenever you’re angry at people with less money and less power than you, just remember that you’re probably being manipulated by someone with more money and more power than you, who want to divide and confuse us. We live in a dangerous world, stop staying ignorant and don’t ever challenge a real progressive to a fact-off

    • Alexander Campbell And don’t try to act like you’re factual when you deny the fact that illegal migration is a huge cost to our society also dumbass I’m not mad at the illegals I’d do the same I’m mad at the dems who are trying to bring them here

    • IHEartLReoy Medicare actually has the highest satisfaction amongst users compared to any other heathcare plan. And while illegal immigrants are a net cost of some tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, I’m much more worried about the cost of illegal and stupid wars, which cost us trillions of dollars. Both parties, for example, approved an increase to the Pentagon budget of $60 billion this year, and they didn’t even ask for it, and that is about the cost of illegal immigrants each year.

  5. It is interesting that we pay the most for healthcare, but we rank way lower than the ones that have single payer. When they are talking these cost they are not taking out the cost people pay already. We need to lower our over all cost for insurance and every single payer system has done this in the rest of the world, while giving better care.

  6. Medicare for all is the only way forward. Two trillion dollars less than what we are paying now. Cheaper care with better outcomes. It’s no wonder conservatives hate it.

  7. Republicans want medicare for all…. But their liders wont tolerate that. Fox news wants you to live a life paying a hospital bill.

    • Ok, louisphillipe1100 – I live in Canada and yes, we pay high taxes. But I don’t pay $800 a month off of my paycheck for health care. I would rather take the hit on my taxes and have a healthy population than pay through the nose if I ever get sick. How much does your healthcare cost you per month? Compare that to how much your taxes would go up, then get back to me. Oh, and also in Canada our government has negotiated a better price for drugs as well, so even though my taxes may be more any medication I may need costs a lot less than it would in the US.

  8. The study literally said It will save 2 trillion dollars over the next 10 years, fox news needs to do their homework and actually read the study before they start spreading lies by omission

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