‘Medicare Extra’ Is NOT ‘Medicare For All’

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This is a bad thing, but a good sign. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"A prominent liberal think tank just put out an ambitious new health care proposal.

That doesn’t sound like news, until you consider which think tank it is ― and exactly what it’s proposing.

The think tank is the Center for American Progress, which is based in Washington and has close ties to the Democratic Party establishment. The proposal, which its authors call “Medicare Extra for All,” would create a new public program, based on Medicare, that would be open to anybody.

The proposal, which Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar of The Associated Press first reported Wednesday evening, also calls for automatically enrolling the uninsured, among others, in this new program ― in the hopes of finally achieving universal coverage.

Some will call this plan a single-payer proposal, because it’s easy to imagine, someday, everybody being part of this new version of Medicare. Some will say it’s not a single-payer proposal, because it envisions a permanent, potentially large role for private insurance ― as a provider of highly regulated plans that would function more or less the way private plans for seniors on Medicare operate today.”*

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'Medicare Extra' Is NOT 'Medicare For All'


51 thoughts on “‘Medicare Extra’ Is NOT ‘Medicare For All’

    • Unless the military is buying all the doctors and hospitals, we can afford it without cutting anything. Do not fall into the trap that we have to ask permission from the rich. Healthcare and the military are two separate things. One does not affect the other. And don’t get caught up in the debt. The national debt is necessary. It’s been around for 185 years. It is why we can afford healthcare for everyone.

    • Ideological Art Ideological Art: That’s because our idiotic elected representatives and senators didn’t include price caps for the cost of services for medical or prescription services. That opened up the door for Supplemental Medicare Insurance, then later under Dumbya they said “buy this Part D prescription insurance or else,” and then ACA was patterned on the confusing nonsense in Part D. Price caps would solve a whole lot of problems of out-of-control medical, testing, lab, and prescription costs passed on to We the People.

    • Because the original is too expensive. We would then be going into the Socialized system like Britain and would have to work like a lottery. The govt in britain is going broke literally because of the health system and people are dying waiting for help.

  1. I don’t think Bernie is that self-centered that he will not support something that will help people if it doesn’t score him political points.

  2. I think you are being Naive Cenk! People like Neera and Hillary don’t come to your side out of the kindness of their hearts. They only pretend so they can get their side back into power and once they’re there again, they will forget all about the promises they made! Remember Obama? He had 14 weeks of filibuster proof government and did nothing but a sham of a healthcare called Obamacare which kept all the corrupt insurance companies in business. Within those 14 weeks he could have reformed gun laws, healthcare, etc. but did nothing! Your hoping the system’s creatures like Tanden will somehow magically become decent human beings!

    • commedy of errors, I think you didn’t understand what Cenk was saying. The corporate Democrats coming up with this proposal is a SIGN that pressure from progressive is working and they are scared of the competition. That’s the win, not the proposal itself.

    • Pat Pezzi – Voting for an Establishment Dem willing to put the word “Medicare” in their version of a corporate health insurance plan is only “fixing ACA” like they proposed during the ’16 campaign season. It was a giant rip-off then, it would still be a giant rip-off if anyone voted to put these corporate profiteers in office. If it’s not Bernie’s version that does NOT include insurance, medical, pharmaceutical profits, it’s not the genuine version of Medicare for All.

    • Bringing up the Obama administration isn’t fair when you have an established base of racists and bigots turning down every… EVERY idea. even those you’d expect the GOP to approve. Obama went into this with a heart to change things but was confronted with nothing but bigots and paid off politicians.

    • Since the atmosphere didn’t work when Obama was there, what would be the point in getting another shot *unless we change the atmosphere too?*

    • Agreed they know now that they are losing popularity so this is a sign that our pressure is working. So lets not be petty lets just keep pushing.

  3. It should be “I have cancer am I going to live” it should not be “I have cancer can I afford to live”. I feel sorry for you guys, corrupt politicians making laws to benefit themselves and their campaign donors when they should be passing laws to benefit the people. Over here we have free healthcare, paid parental leave, significantly more holidays per year paid of course. I went to Uni for free, not a scholarship it was just free. I could go on and on. Point is reducing your 0.6 trillion dollar a year spending on the military would easily pay for the majority of that. I don’t think you need 800 military bases abroad.

    • With a 60 percent approval rating among all Americans, spear headed by only one politician Bernie sanders should be a no brainer, If all democrats or most stuck together and sang the medicare for all song from coast to coat it would be a landslide political victory, I realize every repub would still vote no. This plan is just to shut us up period. republicans just pushed through a tax bill with like 15 percent popularity

    • Taknom Wolfan
      Unfortunately given the Democrat’s past history they would want to negotiate a bipartisan position with the Republicans so while this goes half way if it were ever to get to legislation they would probably give up most of this position even if they had the votes to bypass the Republicans altogether, you’d be lucky to see 10% pf this proposal and that’s being optimistic.

    • forgivemenot1 still, if we get any of it, it means they are falling to us. Its a classic uprising, where they start with no power, but slowly but surely gain more and more until they win. You might not see this as something to celebrate, but a small victory can lead to bigger victories. We can push them further, this in itself proves that. I’ve never been an optimist, but I acknowledge progress when I see it.

  4. I’ve been on private medical insurance, I’m on Medicare right now, and Medicare is MUUUUUUUCCCHHHHHHHHH BEEEEEEEEEETTTTEEEERRR!!!

  5. and it is NOT single payer…they are going to rip us off again and give the money to the corporations and the immigrants and minorities…we need single payer paid for by taxes….

  6. Cenk, I know it’s easy to give them credit for a bit of a move, but progressives should NOT be lulled into accepting anything less than universal/single-payer/Medicare for All. We need to keep all feet to the fire on this and other progressive planks in the platform.

  7. You have to keep in mind that they’re proposing it when the republicans are in control and can block it. Once the republicans are out of the way, this proposal will be nowhere to be seen.

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