Bernie Sanders joins nurses rally against Janus. Grow the union movement! We need Medicare For All.

Feb 22nd '18:

Senator Sanders addresses NNU's rally against Janus in Chicago
Senator Sanders stands united with nurses against Janus: There is a war going on against the working class of this country led by billionaires who want to cut Medicare and Social Security.

Bernie Sanders joins nurses rally against Janus. Grow the union movement! We need Medicare For All.

3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders joins nurses rally against Janus. Grow the union movement! We need Medicare For All.

  1. Bernie speaks the truth we need unions to protect the workers. Amazon paid 0 in taxes wow’and next year they’ll have a windfall , and it’s difficult to make ends meet with 2 jobs…its a total Oligarchy.

  2. *The* *Inheritance* *Tax* *Is* *Good* *For* *America!*
    Taxes are simply the price of admission into *any* civil society!

    Winning the Lottery does not magically entitle anyone to shirk their patriotic civic duty to pay their fair share of Tax monies needed to run and maintain Our Great Country. And I certainly don’t want to get stuck paying for any stupid Lottery Winner’s share of Taxes, even if they use high priced corrupt Lobbyist tricks and crooked politicians (Republicans) to make it appear “legal” and corruptly avoid paying their fair share of Our Nation’s taxes.

    *Inheriting* a fortune is not (I repeat, *NOT!)* *”EARNING”* ANYthing; inheriting a fortune is nothing more than winning the genetic Lottery. Why should some self entitled snotty rich brats who may have never worked a day in their lives and then win the lottery (inherit a fortune) be entitled to a *Free* *Ride* at EVERYONE else’s expense and be allowed to skip paying their share of Our Nation’s taxes? Because when they don’t pay Their share of Our Nation’s taxes, then guess who will now end up paying Their share of America’s Taxes? Look in the mirror, and then look at your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren; That is who will end up paying!

    *Trump* and his corrupt Republican CONgress have just repealed (killed) the current Inheritance Tax, via their corrupt (and deceptively named) “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (Hahahahahaha!). Trump’s Tax “overhaul” will now (among other crooked things) allow about 400 of the greediest richest heirs in America to skip paying Their share of those taxes. So, guess who will end up paying those taxes now? Look in the mirror, look at your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren; that’s who will pay.

    That Inheritance Tax ONLY applied to estates worth MORE than *$11,000,000.00!!!* (that’s MORE than ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS!!!) for couples, and estates worth MORE than $5,400,000.00!!! (that’s FIVE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!) for individual’s estates. And even then, it only taxed *a* *smaller* *fraction* of that amount which was ABOVE the $11,000,000.00 for couples or $5,400,000.00 for individuals!

    If any of these greedy, self-entitled filthy rich heirs can’t manage to live after winning their $11,000,000.00!!! dollar inheritance… *Get* *A* *Job!!!*

    If you are not familiar with that inheritance tax which Trump and his greedy Republican CONgress just repealed (killed), you should know that That tax only effected about 400 of the greediest families in America; these are the greediest people who have used Our (America’s) infrastructure, human capital, business community and our military to acquire and hoard Billions and Billions and Billions of dollars, at Ours, our children’s, our grandchildren’s, and our great grandchildren’s expense.

    Also, and more importantly; if all of those (now lost) Billions of tax dollars which those greedy rich brats are now going to be allowed to grab and cheat away from the American people, would have been put back into the American economy to fix roads, pay veteran’s benefits, safeguard our food and water, repair bridges, build airports, fix social security, hire police, hire firemen, build hospitals, build schools and universities to invest in educating America’s future citizens, etc.. it would have created thousands of time MORE JOBS than those 400 greedy self-entitled rich brats would ever have created. But instead, those tax dollars will now be handed over to a few Billionaire heirs to buy their private luxury jests, a few more Luxury mansions, some private luxury yachts, a bunch of obscenely wasteful foreign vacations, and the rest will go into corrupt off shore tax shelters; even while ordinary American’s economies decline. The American People (360 million of Us ordinary citizens) will now suffer greatly just to let 400 greedy self entitled rich heirs to live like gluttonous little kings! Thanks to Donald Trump, his stupid Libertarian voters, and his corrupt Republican CONgress.

    Don’t take my word for it; go look for yourself….

    Go to Bernie Sanders’ website. Go to FightForTheFuture .Org. Youtube Dr. Richard Wolff. Go to PatrioticMillionaires .Org, Inform yourselves! Don’t just blindly follow your corrupt Handlers. Get more perspectives. Because if you don’t even know what you choices are, then YOU HAVE NO CHOICES!!!

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