Medicare, Dividends, New Book Etc.

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Medicare, Dividends, New Book Etc.

25 thoughts on “Medicare, Dividends, New Book Etc.

  1. Good info Josh thanks, and congratulations on your new book. I keep checking the mail box for my autographed copy.

  2. Just pushed the button and ordered your book. Delivery on July 30th and I can’t wait. A small price to pay, not only for a great book, but also for the wealth of information you share everyday that makes me THINK! God bless. Looking forward to a “bucket” book next.

  3. I just bought Plan G and after I pay the deductible, everything is covered just like plan F and Plan F covers the excess charges.

  4. Many doctors do not participate with Medicare. If you go to a doctor that fully participates with Medicare there are no excess charges to worry about. Doctors should be required to participate with Medicare as a condition of licensure. I am a former nurse and my husband is a surgeon and we both agree on this point. Plan G covers excess charges once the deductible is met.

  5. Tell me the cost of your book. I will send you the money and the cost to ship it to me. I want you to sign it for me.

  6. I have plan F, my wife has plan G. Works for us as we will travel all over the US. I hope that we don’t have to use it.

  7. Hey great stuff as always Josh. You mentioned taxes on dividends. One of my best friends is retiring next year. He’s all in with Dan Celia on investing in biblically responsible companies and following his stock recommendations. He’s planning on pulling his 401 money from Vanguard and putting around 500k in dividend income stocks. Do you have any thoughts on this strategy? He and his wife are planning on living on $2200 ss and these dividends with about 200k in cash.

  8. I’m curious, what are your thoughts on bills like the RISE ACT that democrats support? There have been many other attacks on Roth IRA by Dems as well.

  9. When choosing a doctor, you can check and see if the doctor accepts medicare assignment. This means they will not charge an excess fee, but accepts the payment amount determined by medicare. Also medicare rules can vary by state. For instance, in Minnesota, a state law prohibits doctors and clinics from charging state residents on medicare an excess fee. So if I go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (where I live) they cannot charge me an excess fee. But if I winter in Arizona or Florida and go to the Mayo Clinic in either of those state, they will charge me the excess fee.
    Also in MN (like a few other states) we cannot buy medicare supplement plans like F,G or N. We buy the ‘basic’ plan and can choose insurance riders to get the coverage we want. I just signed up to start in Oct when I turn 65. I chose a rider to cover excess charges for wintering outside of MN. I actually took all the rides available except the one that cover part B deductible of $185, because that ride cost $15.42/month (15.42×12=185). So I guess I basically get a Plan G equivalent.

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