How Trump Can Win On Medicare (Sooo Easy)

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How Trump Can Win On Medicare (Sooo Easy)


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16 thoughts on “How Trump Can Win On Medicare (Sooo Easy)

  1. You are SO right! I’m 64, and Obamacare has crept up in price since I was 61. My deductibles have gone out of sight and now, for my last 6 months of healthcare before Medicare, I CANT KEEP MY DOCTORS. and the Democrats are arguing about WHEN it’s best to impeach Trump. As a registered Democrat. I am ashamed

    • It’s time to leave the Democrat party!! It’s has been taken over by the far left radicals!! Vote for Trump in 2020!!

  2. I guess Josh you’re advocating for Medicare to be abolished since it’s an evil government ran program? You’re all over the map here. Why is government ran healthcare acceptable just because you’re old? The true free market should be able to cover the 60 to 65 year olds right? Why in the world are you not leaning on the free market Josh? You’re confused buddy. Your solution to this is more government? Why?

    You advocate for a health insurance system in which the only way most people can affors it is if they work for a company that pays 70% of the premiums. That’s your free market system? I wonder how many people would love their health insurance if it wasn’t 70% subsidized by their company and subsidized by the federal government (yes your premium isn’t taxed hence it’s subsidized by the government).

    • I’ll gladly trade you no business subsidies on health care for no automatic withholding on taxes.

      We would very quickly see how people enjoy taxes when they would have to cut a check.

      But because we are dealing in reality, not fantasy, we try to make the best of the situation hand.

      Thus trumpster can negotiate a deal, help some folks, further establish free markets in health care and win re-election.

    • @Heritage Wealth Planning That’s a cop out Josh. Automatic with holding on taxes has zero to do with your health insurance premiums so I’m not even sure why that was mentioned.

      If the free market is so great at handling health insurance why aren’t you advocating for a free market solution for 60-65 year olds instead of proposing MORE government as a solution?

      I will tell you exactly why. The free market health insurance premiums don’t like people with pre existing conditions, old people, and people with disabilities as well as young child bearing women. Their perfect customer is a young healthy person up to around their late 30s. A free market health insurance system would price out all those aforementioned groups of people because the number one goal of business is to make money with as little cost as possible and sick and older people statistically are costly. That’s why you’re not advocating for it. Because once we get past all the political mumble jumbo about libs deep in your financial heart as someone that works with numbers and is likely somewhat familiar with acturial tables and forecasting models you know that it’s true.

    • You only pay Medicare tax (part of FICA) if you are working. If you take SS @;62 and you’re not working, then you’re not paying Medicare tax.

    • @Lewis Crump Well medicare part A requires no monthly payments and is free. Part B requires payments so I guess that’s what you’re referring to but your father doesn’t have to use it if as I’m assuming he is covered under the VA. However the VA is fairly limitung in that it only covers you under the VA system. Doctors outside the system aren’t covered so I see why he might want both.

  3. Most like their current employer based health insurance because they NEVER are using a substantial amount of out of pocket money. But let those folks have a major medical event and the high deductible, they would be crying for a version of Medicare. Not sure of the answer but if all the other major countries have figured it out, we should be able to.

    • Actual most like their current employer based health insurance because the company subsidizies their premiums to the tune of 70-80%. My share of premium for excellent coverage for me and my son is $310 a month. My company? They pay another $800 a month. The total cost for my healthcare premium is $1110 a month. I would imagine most people if they inspected their pay checks woukd have a similar story. Also the premium is not taxed so to afford this great healthcare that Josh says everyone likes requires a SUBSTANTIAL company subsidy as well as a government subsidy. It’s only when people no longer have those subsidies and attempt to get healthcare on their own that they see how crazy and unaffordable free market health insurance is.

  4. My high deductible insurance has caused me to not want to visit my doc and I have chronic issues. It’s a real problem I keep putting off my checkups because it cost me so much out of pocket now before my insurance starts backing me up.

  5. Hi Josh, we definitely need some form of universal healthcare in this country. There are lots of folks under the age of 60 who dont have affordable healthcare or any healthcare. I have been in that situation myself having left a job and found out post resigning that i was diagnosed with a serious illness. I happened to be in a great profession, a registered nurse, so I was able to afford my cobra while working as a contractor. Lots of folks dont have those options. I do think that the affordable care act with treaks is probably best. I definitely dont agree with only a public option and taking away employer sponsored care. Anyway, it’s a big deal and we as a country have to keep trying.

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