Medicare and Social Security are Your Promise!

Please share this message as far and wide as you can. Our freedoms and liberties are not entitlements, and they are most certainly not for sale!

Donating to this campaign will help ensure not only your children's safety but their future education as well! Help me stand against this corruption and fear mongering! Help me usher in a #21stCenturyNewDeal for all of us and especially our children!

I cannot do this alone, I need your help, but I promise you that together we can and we will make a difference!

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Medicare and Social Security are Your Promise!

6 thoughts on “Medicare and Social Security are Your Promise!

  1. And I am here trying to help get him there as my part to make a difference so please everyone take his example or mine, if you can’t run for office contribute your time and efforts toward making sure that people like Sam can represent you.

  2. We don’t have a Voice, #NotMyPresident #Impeach45 we Are all people who deserve to be heard, who deserve the things are taken away from us by the Republicans, Paul Ryan with his smirky Face, wants to destroy Medicaid wants To take Social Security away. And you know that. Police are militarized. Flint Still Matters

    • There have been several interviews where I have gone into further detail as too my switch. I also made an announcement late last year as well. Suffice to say my platform remains unchanged but the party labels have become blurred. My district is Republican and no matter how much we wish it were otherwise gerrymandering is a fact we must contend with.

      Therefore I am challenging the incumbent directly in the Primary in a one on one stand off. My policies are resonating with the district, and there is a distinct possibility I can even win, if enough people continue to spread the word and look past the identity politics!

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