How Amy Vilela Will Fight for ‘Medicare for All’ in Congress

In this bonus clip for PayPal members and Patreon patrons Amy Vilela talks about how she'll convince conservatives and corporate Democrats to get on board with 'Medicare for All' if she's elected to Congress.

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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

How Amy Vilela Will Fight for 'Medicare for All' in Congress

42 thoughts on “How Amy Vilela Will Fight for ‘Medicare for All’ in Congress

    • OmAr LiVeS They can’t help it. 3.2 trillion dollars is a number they just can’t wrap their minds around. Double the spending per capita than any other developed nation is why we don’t want no communism!!

    • They’ve been brainwashed by the big pharmaceutical companies and all their puppets to believe it would never work. We need to re-educate them.

    • OmAr LiVeS
      And yet, somehow, Medicare For All will cost trillions of dollars LESS tthan the for-profit healthcare. It’s almost like private healthcare is less efficient, more costly, and abandons regular people, all for the sake of profit (that only about 12 people benefit from).

  1. All for naught, she’s hamstrung running within the useless Democratic Party. They can use her as evidence of their compassion and good intentions however. Did I mention Bernie?

    • The only way to make the useless party worthwhile again is to vote people in that care about the needs of the people. If there were tepublicans running with progressives ideas like medicare for all id and actually meant it i would vote for them. But the democrats at this point have no choice and the fact being alot of angry people are starting to run as primary challengers. The fracture is already there and there is no fixing the old democratic party rather a new one will snuff out the old one. Hopefully the same will happen with republicans because at this time it is possible for it to happen. There is a republican now talking about killing the two party system.

  2. Excellent Mike! There are thousands of progressive candidates who are going to need your help prior to November.

  3. Amy’s argument is right on. Liberals are stupid for ignoring Medicare for all’s huge financial savings. It saves money,but politicians are lying and say it’s too expensive, when it’s cheaper. Why not attack that lie? But no, Liberals have to say they have big hearts and say we can get the extra money through taxes. There is no extra money needed! They should be saying we could use the money saved to improve the economy. Every developed country has universal healthcare. It’s cheaper. Israel, China, Mexico, Canada, Norway, England, France, Japan … have it.

    • Now, you don’t know the difference between science and criminality. It is not because crime exist that science do not. You lack common sense. Your drug companies are run by criminals AND flu shot works if you get the right one. Just change country or fix yours instead of killing your children, you, friends and neighbors.

    • @Starteller, You’re an idiot. The flu shots in Canada are the exact same flu shots as here in the US. Flu vaccines for the entire Northern hemisphere are based on what strains of influenza hit the Southern hemisphere. This year drug makers lost their gamble (As they often do), on what flu strain would hit the North. Read, educate yourself instead of just walking in single file parroting what others say.

    • I’m not parroting. I have actual knowledge in the domain. You are just a religious paranoid nuts job. Also you didn’t answer my question. What should we do with you if you get infected? Cure you?

    • “I know, you see the cross on my avatar and immediately assume huh?”
      Nope, not at all
      It was the
      You are conservator and “Pro Life” “I would imagine that you and most progressive individuals are “Pro Choice” ”
      You said theory instead of science “Of course I KNOW the *theory* of how and why flu vaccines work”
      Your lack of knowledge in Maths “You’re the nutcase for believing in an imaginary flu shot that isn’t going to protect you from anything. Why not you ask? Because the drug companies that manufactured it merely gambled on the strain of influenza that would break out the following flu season, and they are wrong almost 40-60% of the time or more.. In fact, they were totally wrong this flu season.”
      And mostly your own racist description: “Proud White Man”

  4. Does anyone really believe any of these people can win, the democrat party will do everything possible to make sure they lose

    • tram84mvp Hillary only lost because Republicans put ideas and lies into progressives minds not including myself

    • GD AngryGod

      Hilary wasn’t progressive an was a shitty person in general. She’s very much a corporate stooge even more so than Trump is. She would’ve killed us all within days of her election by instigating war with the Great Eastern Bear.

    • They also didn’t help the majority of the people that were actually left in the special elections.
      They all won.
      Democrats don’t know how to win anything so they’re not really needed.

  5. Donald Trump was pro-Universal Healthcare for a long time because of that very reason. He said that it was a very pro-business position because it takes the burden of the employer and on the government. AND HE WAS RIGHT!

  6. You ought to see the look I get when I tell people I have progressive views because I am conservative and it is true.

    • Obviously, it’s more conservative to waste money on in efficient system that costs more, and covers fewer people. Right? Right?

  7. The states with the poorest citizens are Republican states. The states with the highest percentages of bankrupt citizens are Republican states. That the GOP has these low-income, bankruptcy prone, poorly educated red states perpetually vote against themselves is beyond me.

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