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Mary: A lot of our viewers want to know what their options are outside of AEP. Well, we are in what Medicare calls the MADP; Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period. This period begins January 1st and ends February 14th.

Sondra: During the MADP, a beneficiary who enrolled into a Medicare Advantage plan during AEP has the opportunity to disenroll, return to Original Medicare and make a one time selection of a Part D plan. Remember, with Original Medicare, you will be responsible for all of Medicare’s deductibles and coinsurance.

Mary: AEP is an election period for MAPD and Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plans. IF you have a Medicare Supplement, you are able to make changes throughout the year, however, you may ONLY change or enroll into your Part D plan during AEP.

Sondra: If you’re one of the many seniors who is new to Medicare or need more information regarding your options, call us, we will compare plans in your area and may be able to find you a lower premium without compromising your benefits. We, or someone from our team, is available to talk to you toll-free at 1-855-474-6234. Email the Medicare Gals at [email protected]

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