AEP time to Compare Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans

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Annual Enrollment period is right around the corner. There are some interesting plans coming to the market starting January 1 st. Blue Cross is supposedly coming out with a zero premium plan that also covers your prescription drugs. I have no idea if Aetna is coming to market with something new and I heard AARP is staying the same. As you know, during the AEP period from October to December you can switch any plan whether it is Medicare Advantage or a Medigap plan. What people forget is that you can switch from a Medigap plan to another Medigap plan throughout the year. The Medicare Advantage plan and drug plans are the plans that must remain in force until AEP. Hope this helps! Any questions click on Medigaplist,com.

3 thoughts on “AEP time to Compare Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans

  1. Medigap is better than Medicare advantage plans. Even if the premium is
    cheaper and the MAPD comes with a drug plan. Medigap plan F is the best.
    AARP is not what i would choose. Cigna and Stonebridge are the best
    Medicare supplement plans

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