Medicare Advantage Changes For 2014

Are there Medicare Advantage changes for 2014 plans? Learn about potential changes to you Medicare Advantage Plan and what steps you need to take to ensure you have the best Medicare advantage Plan for 2014.

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Every year there is discussion about potential changes to the Medicare Advantage program and 2014 is no different. There is a lot of disinformation regarding Medicare changes, especially in light of Obamacare legislation.

Medicare Advantage Plans are effective for one calendar year. Plans can change annually. Medicare Advantage premiums, provider networks, benefits and Part D formularies can change each year. Some plans may not renew for 2014.

You should review your Annual Notice of Change / Evidence of Coverage to learn about any changes to your Medicare Advantage Plan in 2014.

You should also compare Medicare Advantage Plan each year.

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Compare 2014 Medicare Advantage Plans by reviewing the plan's Summary of Benefits, Provider Directory and Part D Formulary.

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