Introduction to Medicare – Using Medicare Hospitalization Information and the MedPAR

The Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MedPAR) file contains information about inpatient and skilled nursing facility stays. The inpatient stays are the focus of this presentation. In this presentation, you will learn of the strengths and weaknesses of the MedPAR/Inpatient data. Specific variables will be reviewed including admission and discharge dates, diagnoses, procedures, source of care, payment and beneficiary demographics. The MedPAR file can be combined with other Medicare sources to examine long-term outcomes such as mortality, outpatient treatments, rehabilitation and hospital transfers. This presentation also includes a discussion of how the MedPAR can be used in identifying pre-existing conditions and comorbidities of the beneficiary.

One thought on “Introduction to Medicare – Using Medicare Hospitalization Information and the MedPAR

  1. very informative. but who is the audience? is this info for actuaries at insurance companies, or utilization management people, or hospital personnel or government researchers, etc? I what specific industry is this for? I sell Medicare insurance policies, so the information is still very useful, but I was just curious.

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