Can I sell Medicare Supplements?

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"Yeah, but, can I sell Medicare Supplements successfully?"
This is the question I'm answering in this video.
Coming from law enforcement into the senior market in insurance, that was about the craziest transition ever. I know that if you can go from 15 years of telling people what to do, and ordering around subordinates, and you can learn the skillset necessary to succeed in a sales career, then anything is possible!

If you've been in construction, retail sales, or customer service – it does not matter.
If you focus on the skillset necessary to become an interested salesperson – interested in what the client's needs are, you can succeed.

-Christopher Westfall

Can I sell Medicare Supplements?


6 thoughts on “Can I sell Medicare Supplements?

  1. Hello Christopher,
    Do you sell membership to your members on your website?  Do you get agents to work for you?  Just curious.  I am considering signing on with company tomorrow that sells medicare supplements.  I wanted information on how you do it all online also.  email [email protected]

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