Introduction to Medicare – Claims Data: Source and Processing

Knowledge of where the Medicare data originate and what Medicare data files are available to you for research purposes is needed for guidance in the creation of any study using the Medicare administrative data. This presentation will review what a claim is, what entities are involved in the claims process, what the source of the data in the files is, and what claims based files are available to researchers. This presentation will also provide an understanding of what types of services are found in each of the data files that will aid in decision making for which files would be needed for a research study.

One thought on “Introduction to Medicare – Claims Data: Source and Processing

  1. Thank you for this posting! Very informative. I wonder, is there a lecture
    or good informational tool to understand medicare reimbursement for out
    patient procedures? I work in collections at the hospital, and we tend to
    find the OPPS verbiage hard to interpret at times. Especially when
    multiple status indicators are used.

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