If Harry Truman Had His Way With Medicare For All Charlene Dill and Countless Others Would Still Be

Medicare for all isn't a new idea, it was proposed by Harry Truman over a half century ago. Would Charlene Dill and the countless Americans like her have been able to experience those very American rights, life, liberty and the American Dream if they had access to healthcare?

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If Harry Truman Had His Way With Medicare For All Charlene Dill and Countless Others Would Still Be

38 thoughts on “If Harry Truman Had His Way With Medicare For All Charlene Dill and Countless Others Would Still Be

  1. One should always be careful talking about Truman, who also gave the US the National Security State, as Gore Vidal consistently reminded us.

    • +Steven Yourke This was absolutely vital to our security at the time. Soviet Communism was evil and very expansive. Truman was a great man.Also Stein was a terrible candidate, basically the clueless Trump of the left, also working for Russia.

    • Iridescence93 Wow, you’re really ignorant! Soviet Union was never a threat to Western Europe at all! In fact, Stalin kept his bargain with the US. He did not raise a finger when the US crushed socialism in Western Europe starting in Greece in 1947. The US has always been the imperialist aggressor ever since 1945. And Jill Stein is great, a genuine patriot. Working for Russia?! Where do you get that bullshit from, the Democratic Party establishment? The CIA? Hillary Clinton? MSNBC? CNN? You’ve got your head way up your backside, pal.

    • +Steven Yourke Wrong. The USSR was a huge military threat to western Europe, you are saying because Stalin kept an agreement under the threat of nuclear war he could be trusted to do the same under all other circumstances and all future Soviet leadership was likewise trustworthy? No, of course the USSR had to be contained with the threat of force. If you seriously think the USSR was not an imperialist expansionist power many people in Eastern Europe and elsewhere in the world would vehemently disagree with you. Jill Stein has been caught meeting with Putin and Michael Flynn in Moscow in 2015, why? I have infinitely more respect for Hillary and the Democratic establishment than I do for that worthless likely traitor who is simply trying to leech money from her gullible supporters.

    • +Steven Yourke I’m ignorant for countering your ridiculous BS about the USSR with actual historical facts about the situation? Well, I suppose you are just saying you have no ability to make an actual point so OK, bye then.

  2. Children whose father is still alive are not orphans. Typical disregard for a human beings’ existence or basic worth to say otherwise. No wonder the right wing can get away with their vileness when even Thom Hartmann automatically disregards a divorced father and a child’s needs in that regard. Disgusting.

    • Morgan Tomos weren’t they living with the mother? Didn’t the mother die? Would you prefer “motherless” instead of “orphan”? The kids are still without their mother…

    • Lana Dell: Yes, motherless. I cannot even begin to understand how Americans live without a proper healthcare system and as such the tragedy of the mother’s death here is clear and speaks of the whole rotteness of American Healthcare. However, you can consider how it was that she was earning so little. Was she the main carer during the marriage and the father was contributing still for the children’s welfare during the divorce? It takes a certain mentality to so utterly exclude a vital human being from any role in humanity, to make him nothing, a nobody not a father if he is divorced and Thom Hartmann has learnt that mentality from the Left. It is disgustingly inhumane and cruel to the child as well as the father. The Left stinks of this inhumanity and people smell it and stay away from the Left.

    • A mistake to disregard the existence and validity of a human in a most vital part of his life? The term ‘orphan’ is not an obscure technical term. Such a mistake is a learnt reaction thoroughly absorbed as dogma. The Left cannot attract support when they cherry pick who is and is not human.

  3. Wow our political dialogue on economy and public services has shifted so far to the right, its hard to believe. Maybe we have made a bit of progress on race and gender inclusion but we sure have lost our way with basic human rights and government’s ability to help the poor.

  4. You can say whatever you want about Truman he sucked Truman is a single reason we had a cold war he did not live up to Roosevelt’s promises. Everytime Truman was mentioned my Grandpa would spit on the ground he hated that man he said he was a racist bigoted full and did not deserve the office of President of the United States and you also know Truman was the only president ever to die in property yes that’s right he died a broke man and I think that’s awesome cuz he morally bankrupt our country when he went back on Roosevelt’s promises

  5. Medicare for all is fine but it has a huge cost and will raise taxes for all. Countries that have it pay huge taxes. Be honest upfront but this is coming from the same people who lied to us about the ACA.

    • Every estimate out there says Medicare for all costs significantly less money overall than our current system. I don’t know what part of that you guys don’t understand. Sure maybe your taxes go up $1000 a year but that $200 your employer takes out of your pay every month disappears. Not to mention the coverage is far superior.

    • Artificial Avocado estimate are estimates, reality is what counts. Did the ACA lower premiums for everyone as estimated? Nope! Here’s a study that shows savings in some area but increased overall cost needed that will raise our taxes significantly: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/study-medicare-for-all-plan-touted-by-bernie-sanders-would-cost-32-6-trillion/ We all know there’s waste fraud and abuse in government, gotta factor that in with this much money. It’s so ironic that Progressive California Democrats didn’t have the stomach to pass Medicare or so called single payer after finding out it would double the states budget.

    • I just don’t understand how people can still advocate for the current system which will cost more money and leave 30 million people uninsured as opposed to having a Medicare for all system which #1 cost less money and #2 covers EVEVYBODY!!

    • Thomas Paine
      Google the republican Eisenhower’s “valedictory address ”
      The one that warned us all about the ” military industrial complex ”
      They would screech ” Marxist ” at him today !

  6. RIck Scott is a thief piece of feces who stole form Medicare as a  CEO  and let everyone else take the fall as he used his stolen money to steal governeor

  7. Ah, the Libertarian version of Health Care. The rich get the care they need, and the poor can just drop dead. Disgusting.

  8. Agreed, so why doesn’t your precious “free press” aka corporate media tell us this instead of trying to scare the crap out of us with grossly inflated numbers straight from a Koch funded “study”?

  9. Why anyone votes Republican to shoot themselves in the foot every time by electing republicans is beyond comprehension.

    • Agreed but remember – Republicans populate the so-called “Democratic” Party too. In fact…I could count True Democrats in Congress on my left hand and that’s with three of my fingers blown off.

  10. Unless and until some method of giving people a reason, or even just the impulse, to care for others including non-relatives and strangers, when they don’t do that naturally, nothing will change.

  11. I guess Harry Truman’s “Medicare 4 All” didn’t cover his vicious murderous vaporizing of 250,000 innocent mostly gentle, beautiful, women and children in Japan after the end of the war had been privately declared by his generals, unleashing the nuclear Pandora’s Box, just to wag his teeny little weeny at Stalin? Harry S. Truman – has to be history’s WORST WAR CRIMINAL of all time, thus the worst American President ever… So ….when Thom pimps him out as a great guy on a regular basis, I always end up running and hugging the porcelain goddess. Absolutely disgusting!! Truman’s healthcare? after he gratuitously murders and contaminates thousands for generation upon generation? HUH??! Some call Obama the worst President but it’s really hard to top the inhumane immorality and hubris of Harry S Truman, who Thom obviously ADORES!

    • So Thom thinks dropping nuclear weapons midday on little kids in class in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is ….somehow….PROGRESSIVE? Choke…Talk about the complete bastardization of a word that used to have some meaning!! YIKES!

  12. Wow, thanks for that. I’m going to do some research. I am a 59 yr old white woman and I love learning something new everyday. My youngest grandson teaches me about dinosaurs and I want to teach my 4 Latino grandsons about respect and dignity for humanity. A little snapshot of my self, but I would like to think that the Republicans and Trump’s base take a minute to learn his policies and educate themselves. Be well

  13. Republicans are trying to pass a law for maternity leave, to be taken out of your Social Security. This has Ivanka’s blessing. That means you will have to work longer, because you decided to have children. WTF are we tired yet of Rich White Men and Nepotism coming out of this White House. I want to remind ordinary people this is our House and will elect people to go there for us. KEEP MONEY Out of POLITICS. Vote Vote Go Justice Dems

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