LOL: Koch-Backed Study Says “Medicare for All” Would Save Govt Trillions

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–A Koch-backed study by the libertarian Mercatus Center reveals that "Medicare for All" would save the government trillions, and media reporting about the study is highly deceptive

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Broadcast on July 31, 2018

LOL: Koch-Backed Study Says "Medicare for All" Would Save Govt Trillions

56 thoughts on “LOL: Koch-Backed Study Says “Medicare for All” Would Save Govt Trillions

  1. It would not save THEM money. They own shares in health insurance companies, and health insurance companies lobby their offices and parties.

    • It’s *literally* fake news. The person who conducted this study just stated today that the costs would be substantially higher. She literally said that Cortez and Sanders misrepresented the findings.

    • Unfortunately Libertarians and right wingers are “morally opposed” to having the government “steal” their money (taxes) and give it to someone else. They are hidebound to their near religious dogma and will never go for this.

    • Ordinary right wingers, and even Trumpians, have nothing against it, as long as it follows proper crony capitalist guidelines.

    • Grover Capriles Even when they lose they win. They wouldn’t have released it if there wasn’t some benefit to their narrative. The benefit unfortunately wasn’t honesty either.

    • The Koch report prints the cost of socialized healthcare in big bold font… $32 TRILLION. It fails to point out that American healthcare extracts $34 TRILLION from the pockets of everyone today. OH NO, WE CAN’T AFFORD $32 TRILLION… we’d much rather pay $34 TRILLION for health outcomes that are worse than other developed nations.

    • Koch funded the study done by Mercatus Centre but they do not own the research centre to stop the report being published.

    • 76EbmSilverback More people working in the end. More money being spend, and a higher demand for stuff. That means more people working. This is a fuel injection for America, and you kind of need it as things are going these days.

    • The wealthy don’t care about the economy. They just want fast food to remain cheap so that the fast food chains can make record profits. That’s why federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up in 10 years. And one of the reasons I’ve been trying to boycott fast food restaurants and buy more from locally owned restaurants.

    • Long term productivity would be significantly higher. Americans would be able to start their own business without worrying about healthcare coverage; a happier populace is a good thing.

  2. Our taxes go towards war, when they could go towards taking care of Americans and their health. Conservatives think this just fantastic.

    • The most ridiculous thing I heard was “Yeah but Europe is homogenuous that’s why they have socialised healthcare. We’re diverse we can’t do that here.” LMFAO!!

  3. Conservatives are not against single payer as much as we might think, some of them support it. Here is the problem for them:

    If anyone does not work hard enough, is a “moocher”, someone of color with more than two kids, or has other issues they believe that those people should not be helped. Conservatives believe that if a program is not 100% efficient in preventing fraud and misuse that is not worth having. Even if 1 out of 100 abuse the system, the 99 must suffer for the 1. They are terribly cruel and completely abhorrent people.

    • It’s a self loathing ideology. “I don’t deserve it, they don’t deserve it. Only the rich deserve it, they worked hard.”

    • +Cuntservatives Are Filthy Scumsucking Maggots. Health Care is not a a right, there is nothing in the Constitution that says “Healthcare is a right”

      Furthermore, He’s not able to afford it because the the healthcare market isn’t a free market. Get the government out and the prices will fall. And like Ron Paul said, they took care of people before Medicaid came in. You had charity. not welfare.

      ‘Greed’ is fine, it’s only when you have lobbying and the government guaranteeing insurance that the prices are too much to handle. If you have a free market, it’s easy to keep prices down. Look at the two things government is always involved in: healthcare and education. Prices through the roof. Look at other things: TVs, computers, cars. Prices get lower and the product get better. The government is the problem, not business. If the government didn’t interfere in things, businesses wouldn’t lobby and they wouldn’t get an uncompetitive advantage.

      Lastly, 80% of the people in the state of Colorado voted against Medicare 4 all.

  4. I’m Canadian and payed 16% on the 45,000 I made last year, I don’t know if I’m taxed more than Americans but that’s what I paid. Where they do get a lot of the needed financing for MSP is through ‘sin’ taxes. 13.00 dollars for a pack of smokes, 1.28 a litre (about 5.00$ a gallon) for gas, and I think, as I don’t drink, about 18 bucks for a case (12) of beer. Most of the civilized countries in the world use single-payer as everyone is covered, and it’s cheaper by far than for profit medical coverage. But unless you’re of meager means, optical, dental and prescriptions are not covered.

    • SweatyShivers I can live with that. Our issue is our politicians are bought and paid for in America. Corporations now own democracy and we are currently fighting to take it back.

    • @SweatyShivers The US Government is hesitant to use “sin taxes”, though it’s hard to understand why. When Obama became president in 2009, he very quickly passed a stimulus bill to prevent an economic depression and paid for it largely through a massive increase in federal tax on cigarettes (from .25 per pack to 1.25 per pack). And it worked. So when he wanted to create Obamacare and it needed funding, he looked to putting a massive tax on tanning bed use (not that tanning is a “sin”, but it’s an unnecessary convenience much like smoking) and that was shut down hard. I imagine he must’ve at least considered raising the cigarette tax again, but since it’s political suicide to defend “sins” like cigarettes and alcohol publicly, it’s reasonable to imagine that he was being halted privately.

    • TheOnis:
      Get a new tax accountant 😉 If you are single and earned $45,000 in 2017 and only took the standard deduction and one exemption you would have owed about $4,700 in federal income tax. Throw in 7.65% for FICA and maybe a 5% state tax and you’d owe about another $5,200 for a total of $9,900 or 22% on that $45,000……less if married and even less with kids too.

    • Supernova Kasprzak exactly right. If it weren’t for congress we would have had Medicaid for all and education but both parties actively work to keep corporations in control of laws because they want their money

    • The gas tax is supposed to pay for roads and maintenance not healthcare.

      When I take one look at the US’s roads I instantly don’t mind paying a bit more for gas. How can their roads be so bad especially since most of the US doesn’t have as harsh of weather for roads.

  5. The entire civilized world has single payer healthcare, but the GOP wants Americans to be taxed to death by corporate death panels which are not accountable to anybody except shareholders who only care about money and not the well being of Americans.

    Nothing like having a greedy corporate criminal between you and your doctor.

    • If it’s CRTV, click on their banner a couple times. The more ‘hits’ they get from a certain channel, the more the algorithms will feature them. Let’s see how much Levin, Crowder, Bolling, etc. cash we can get to fund David!

  6. It floors me that Americans and the American government are seeing this as a money issue. I have never had to choose between buying groceries or seeing my doctor. I didn’t have to delay getting treatment for skin cancer or emergency eye surgery because I couldn’t afford a co-pay, or couldn’t afford health insurance in the first place. When I pay my taxes, I’m getting good value for the amount that goes to healthcare. I know I can see a psychiatrist or a psychologist if I’m having a hard time coping. I’ve had nine surgeries and see my GP monthly and my Oncologist every three months with no out of pocket expenses. I have no problem waiting my turn for elective surgery because I know that people needing emergency care come first. Single payer healthcare works. It saves money AND it saves lives.

    • We tried the moral argument 10 years ago, and they just laughed and called us socialists who should go back to Russia.

    • +Leif Anderson Haha. Boy, what a strange world we live in. Now, GOP senators are going to Russia consistently. Why? Probably for money or oil purposes. Why use the NRA anymore when you can go directly to the source?

    • and the US subsidizes sugar, which causes more health problems than anything else, my government is completely run by big business

  7. Why don’t we switch to single-payer?
    1) Most our taxes go to wars
    2) Insurance companies and pharma are major lobbyists
    3) racism: by having private insurance, African Americans who are usually paid less will be less able to get medical insurance.

  8. I asked a coworker last year whether he would like to pay $300 a month or $150 a month for health insurance. He said he would rather get price gouged instead of having medicare for all (socialized medicine was the term he used). I just don’t get the logic behind that.

    • He probably thinks he feels well so why should he contribute to the health of other people? Thing is, he won’t always be well. His lifestyle will eventually catch up with him. How much do hip replacements, knee replacements, & heart surgery cost in the US? damn, Medicare covers that here. Sure, you might be on a waiting list if you aren’t in private, but your turn does come & then you are as good as gold!

    • Felix Gonzalez, it’s called spite; the right wing would burn their own house to the ground if they thought the smoke would hurt one of the many many people they hate.

  9. They don’t admit it, I tried talking with a few of my RW friends and they simply refused the parts of the study that went against their narrative.

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