How to select a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan

Selecting a Medicare plan is an overwhelming task. We share the secrets you need to know to select a Medicare plan that best suits your needs. Learn about Medicare parts A&B, Medicare Supplements (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage Plans. The information is general enough that it is relevant in most situations and specific enough so you know exactly the questions to ask of your Medicare Insurance Agent. If your Insurance Agent is not Certified to offer Medicare plans or you just need an answer from an expert visit or call us directly at 877-220-1089. We are here to help!

6 thoughts on “How to select a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan

  1. Thanks for the video. I am nearing 65 and being bombarded by advertisements
    from companies offering coverage. Your simple explanation was very helpful.

  2. Socialism, Communism and helping poor through federal government insurances
    is robbing us of personal relationships and responsibility of a family and
    local community sticking together to help each other. We forget how to
    love. We have no connection with those helping us or with those being
    helped; there is no emotional attachment; there is only anger. Fraud and
    abuse are normal. Goal is love. The additional cost of administering
    federal helps etc. make it an unwise and inefficient process

  3. Thanks. Very helpful and easy to understand. However, I still can’t tell
    whether I’m covered for dental and vision if I choose a Supplement plan.

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