How to Change Medicare Plans | Medicare Supplement Plans 2020

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Our brokerage service finds the best plan for you and costs you nothing.

Changing Medicare Supplement plans often involves underwriting. This does NOT mean a physical exam or blood test. It simply involves answering some health questions. We are experts at finding the right coverage for those who might have a specific condition, but still want to save money from their current plan.

If you have been told by another agent that they could not help you, due to a health condition. I STRONGLY recommend that you get a second opinion (ours). We might be able to help.

Medicare Supplement plans require underwriting to change, because these plans are completely comprehensive. They offer the very best package for going alongside your original Medicare benefits.

You still enjoy the option of seeing ANY doctor, facility, or hospital in America that accepts original Medicare – and that is most all of them. You do not have to worry about networks, pre-authorizations, referrals, pre-approvals, appeals, etc. You just simply make an appointment and go.

Do you like to travel? Your Medicare Supplement plan goes with you. Moving to another state? You can keep your Medicare supplement plan (or let us help you shop for another that MIGHT save you money on your move.)

Either way, let us get involved in helping to make sure you've made the right decision. Our service does not cost you anything. We are paid by the insurance company, whichever one you choose IF you allow us to be your broker. You do not pay one dime more than if you went direct to the insurance company, yourself. But, you could save a small fortune by using our service. Most do.

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How to Change Medicare Plans | Medicare Supplement Plans 2020


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