Tulsi Gabbard Explains Her Medicare Choice/Single Payer Plus Plan…Detailed Plan Coming Soon

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Tulsi Gabbard Explains Her Medicare Choice/Single Payer Plus Plan, Detailed Plan Coming Soon

Tulsi Gabbard LIVE on the road – Tulsi Town Hall – Charleston, SC

Tulsi Gabbard LIVE on the road – Tulsi Town Hall – Muscatine, IA






Tulsi Gabbard Explains Her Medicare Choice/Single Payer Plus Plan…Detailed Plan Coming Soon


27 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard Explains Her Medicare Choice/Single Payer Plus Plan…Detailed Plan Coming Soon

  1. As a person getting up there in age, knowing that I would automatically have health insurance, would be such a relief. To me, the stress that would be eliminated by not having to worry about the possibility of a health crisis bankrupting me or my family. No stress = preventative health care right off the top. Yes, Tulsi’s health plan IS the best I’ve heard.

    • @Sally Hampton How are the cost savings eliminated by covering every American automatically with a Universal Single Payer Not For Profit Medicare For All Plan that cant be taken away or opted out of? You seem to assume that 1. The plan is a public option, which it isnt, & 2. That it would not repeal the anti trust exemptions to Healthcare companies, which it would. Not repealing the Healthcare Industries anti trust exemptions would effectively make her plan a Public Option…Again it is not by any stretch of the imagination. 100% of Americans would be automatically covered under Medicare. Anything private would be option and on top of M4A, not in place of it.

    • @Kathy S I have been following & supporting HR 676 since 2008 and am very familiar with Single Payer Healthcare. I honestly see Tulsi’s framework as better than HR 676 as the ban on duplication of benefits makes it t where you have to leave the country for a competition option to waiting in line. HR 676 & Bernie’s plan are modelled after the Canadian model in particular. We can already see it is a regular practice for Canadians to come here for a competing option to waiting in line. Do you think it would be better to have people go to Cuba or Europe for a competitive option to waiting, or allowing people to stay here and get the same competition at no extra cost to Medicare or the American Tax Payer without making them give up their Medicare For All plan?

    • @ALOHA 2020 I believe people are already going to other countries for competing options. Rand Paul went to Canada for hernia surgery. I guess he didn’t think their wait time was too bad. My mother-in-law was from Canada had a female procedure done when she was visiting up there and bragged about how it didn’t cost her anything plus she brought home Tylenol-w/codeine cause you could get it over the counter up there, in the 80’s. I want Tulsi to stand behind what she co-sponsored, h.r.1384. I will listen to what she has to say when she lays out her full single-payer plan. Been following since 2007.

    • @Kathy S I can respect that. Im looking forward to seeing the full plan/bill. By the way Rand went to a private hospital in Canada and paid cash for the procedure.

    • @ALOHA 2020 Well, his attacker paid. My thought was more about his preference of that hospital’s surgeon/services. I believe most provider’s are private up there just like here.

    • ALl countries with universal healthcare have a private option so what you are saying is unrealistic. Let people decide if they want to purchase additional insurance the point is everyone is cover by single payer.

    • Ever since the 1973 HBO Act under Nixon, the private health insurance industry has been price gouging customers at an ever increasing rate. It’s a corrupt system that has the powers that be all bought off. And many of the victims of the system are among the first to come to the gougers’ defense. That’s pretty sick. And stupid.

    • @Cloud 9.1 That was the nail in the coffin for Blue Cross Blue Shield which had to go from non-profit to for profit. Thanks Kaiser Permanente. }:-(

  2. If someone pays for private insurance, then has a medical issue thats not covered by the private system can you guess who has to pay? Spoiler its the taxpayers!

  3. What’s going to be put in place to make sure the single payer isn’t going to be under-funded compared to private insurance care?

    • Five Borough Gaming because you are automatically paying. Why should i pay for another health care when im already paying for one?

  4. I’ve said, she should brand her plan not “Medicare Choice” but “Medicare for All Plus”. If she calls it “Single Payer Plus”, she must somehow listened to me. 😉 Choice let people think of come kind of public option. But it’s PI on top of M4All/SP-HC. Not for profit. That goes back to the beginning of HC systems more than a century ago… The U.S. didn’t want to participate back then. It was bad PR.

  5. Tulsi has not been very clear. Why would anyone buy private insurance for something already covered? Would Medicare for All be sub-standard care? If you provide a way for medical professionals and facilities to opt out and have a private insurance model, that sabotages the system. It creates multiple risk pools, which means consumers have little cost control. A single-payer system puts that cost control in the hands of one entity that represents consumers. Tulsi is testing the waters on various contradictory concepts. I do not like how she acts like she can play her audience for fools. Bernie does not do that. He does the opposite.

    • I can sincerely understand your concern. However Tulsi has consistently voted to repeal the anti trust exemption given to the Healthcare industry. That eliminates their ability to control prices.

      In terms of making different pools of people. The first pool is the entirety of the American people. Then You Have Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid, Union Plans, & Employer pools. They would all have increased leverage and buying power being that the private companies would have to compete with each other in a market that determines the price based upon what people can afford and are willing to e for it, on top of having to compete with a universal system operating at 2/3 the cost of the private model.

      So you basically have One big consumer advocate and single payer publicly operating on behalf of the people driving down costs with a not for profit model, and 5 large private consumer advocates pools driving down costs and increasing efficiencies and innovation through direct competition w/o the anti trust exemptions.

    • @ALOHA 2020 A single-payer system that operates at 2/3 the cost and has the leverage to drive costs down even further… makes it seem like the others are unnecessary and redundant. It seems like we are trying to find something that fits our self-image of freedom and choice, not a system that will be the most logical for driving efficiency up, cost down, and with quality of care the same or better. If competition was going to work to keep costs down, it would have succeeded in doing that long ago. You know and I know that competition is bogus in a healthcare industry because it invites corruption. The players inside the system learned long ago that self-dealing within a system that pretends competition maximizes what they charge and thus their profits. When hospital #1 charges $100 for a Q-tip, does Hospital #2 advertise that they only charge $50 for same? No. They charge $120, and Hospital #1 follows suit. Let’s all stop pretending that competition means anything other than price gouging.

    • @ALOHA 2020 I think repealing the anti-trust exemption is just nibbling at the edges. How is it proven that price gouging practices do not remain in place? True single-payer is the only CHOICE that puts consumers in the driver’s seat.

  6. What would the private insurance ON TOP of M4A cover? optional boob jobs? Really. What would be it’s purpose? ALSO. Tulsi spoke recently about choice meaning full coverage by your union or military coverage…NOT as supplemental for cellulite. Tho i think that should be covered under M4A. When people toss in all that phony flag waving nonsense about choice being pro-American…really? It’s just pseudo-patriotic third grade nonsense. Let’s choose to slash the price gouging that has crept us up to 17.9% of GDP. Would that be American enough for you? “Choice” is a just foot in the door for the gougers to start gouging again. Bernie speaks unequivocally about this topic. Listen to Bernie then listen to Tulsi. It’s easier to hear her word mincing and weaving when you contrast her to Bernie. Tulsi does not see it as politically in her favor to issue a full throated endorsement of HB 1384.

  7. I guess Tulsi is also a healthcare fraud. It shouldn’t be so hard to just tell the truth about how wasteful private insurance middlemen are and that they add zero value and put profits before patients and limit choice and charge more. Yet, some would rather climb a tree to tell a triangulating lie when the simple truth would do on the ground. Bernie is the ONLY candidate who consistently gets it right and tells the truth.

  8. Single Payer means SINGLE payer. Not a public payer and a bunch of private payers. Single payer plus is a flat out lie, doesn’t exist. No such thing. You either support single payer and stick to it or you support keeping private insurance middlemen in business to continue to extort us for 1/3 of our healthcare $. I have lost all respect for Tulsi.

    • and her detailed plan will NEVER come because it can’t even exist. It’s impossible and she knows it or should know it. It’s just another public/private option lie and can’t lower costs. TRUE single payer has been heavily studied and proven (in models all around the world) to work better and cost less. Period. Shame on Tulsi. She is lying.

  9. So the Private insurance is NO Duplication of insurance with what is already provided by M4A? And does EVERYONE have to pay into the system regardless of them buying their Private Insurance.?

    • Tulsi sounds like she would allow for competing duplication of benefits in M4A. Everyone pays in and everyone is covered automatically.

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