2 thoughts on “How to apply for Medicare online?

  1. thanx …i appreciate the plain english…the opening screen was blurry,
    but it cleared up…..I am not sure why the”sign up for medicare” seems so
    daunting a process, but you demystified it for me. what else ya got?

    • I agree with you, it does seem daunting. Medicare has a lot of moving parts
      and can get confusing. The first thing you need is reliable and unbiased
      information about what is Medicare and how coverage works. Once you turn
      65, Medicare will mail you, what I call “The Medicare Bible”, which is the
      official US Government Medicare handbook called Medicare&You. I encourage
      all my clients to read this cover to cover. This is your entry level, basic
      information about Medicare. I will tell you though everything you read
      about Medicare in that book or online, it only comes down to 2 choices as
      far as coverage goes. It may seem overwhelming but there are only 2 options
      you can choose from and you can’t have both at the same time.
      I do have a few other videos you can watch if you search for medicareline
      insurance on youtube, or visit facebook.com/medicareline for more articles,
      videos, and information about Medicare. You can also visit my website at
      http://www.medicareline.org, where I have weekly blogs about Medicare and other
      insurance products.
      I will be glad to answer any questions you may have as you try to figure
      out Medicare.

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