Bernie Sanders vs Rand Paul on Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders firmly believes that a medicare for all system should be put in place at the federal level. Rand Paul has other beliefs? Who is right? How can we compromise?

How can we best achieve our common goals? We all want to provide humanity with quality and affordable healthcare.

Join #TheGreatCompromise community today in order to unite independents under one candidate and one compromised platform in order to defeat the two party establishment.

3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders vs Rand Paul on Medicare for All

    • Are you kidding me. Health-care isn’t a right. Where do you think that
      money is going to come from? Who is going to pay for those rights? What
      Bernie is doing is making you a slave to the ESTABLISHMENT you so call the
      evil ones. Look at what happened when ObamaCare was initiated. Day one
      Every Doctor Hospital Prescriptions Doubled in price. Doctors won’t settle
      for working for $15 an hour. They would just look for a new profession.

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