Hillary Clinton Apparently Never Heard Of Medicare For All

Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize reported on Hillary Clinton promoting a GoFundMe for her former campaign staffer—and seemingly not knowing there's a way to cover all Americans' healthcare. SUPPORT this reporting by signing up for Jordan's email list or contributing to the new Status Coup Reporting GoFundMe!

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Hillary Clinton Apparently Never Heard Of Medicare For All

29 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Apparently Never Heard Of Medicare For All

  1. Sad thing is gofundme is no guarantee that you will get what you need. My wife has breast cancer and we are trying to raise just 3000 to help with things the insurance will not cover. We are both on disability and the things we are required to pay for is killing us. We raised just over 800 and things have come to a stop. If we had Medicare for all this would not be a issue at all.

    • Alan I wish I could help you!! Unfortunately hubs and I are in the same situation. About thirty years ago hubs had bladder cancer. That hit us in the pocketbook and we are still recovering! Actually, we are NOT recovering! SS/Medicare is all we have now (we are Boomers) and that’s not even enough. And rumpy wants to cut all that!! I see this country headed towards another GreatER Depression than the last one. Many people will die, mostly poor people, and I believe that this is EXACTLY what the rich WANT to happen!!!

    • Justine Trowbridge i know how it is. Money is very tight for most of us. Trying to make it on disability is hard and near to impossible when things like this happen. Wish you and your family all the best. Keep fighting is all we can do at this point.

  2. Is Bernie holding a first class ticket? Cause he sounds clueless on how they are gonna reform the party cause reality shows us that the corporate dems are still in full control.

  3. A one-time charity donation IS cheaper than paying your employees a living wage; thus that’s the option the 1% always go for.

  4. 52% of Republicans support Medicare for All honestly the best think Hillary can do is not say anything because the Republicans hate her so much her endorsement would hurt the policy.
    As to Jeff Bezos he is looking for the tax wrote off from his charity to offset his win fall in the GOP tax giveaway.

  5. *Hillary 1994:* “We need universal healthcare.”
    *Hillary 2016:* “It’s a fairytale hope that will never come to pass!”
    *Hillary 2018:* “New phone who dis?”

    • I can still see her screaming, at one of her campaign gatherings “Medicare for all will NEVER come to pass!!!!” Dropped her like a hot potato right there!!!!

    • It’s not going to happen anytime soon, that’s for sure. The most liberal state in the union (CA) couldn’t pass it so what makes you think that it will get passed at a national level? I’m pro single payer, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that it’s going to be easy. I’ve lived through two attempts at it and we ended up with a national insurance reform program.

  6. As a Canadian , who has had health care my entire adult life , I am continually amazed that the people in the States are still going with out universal coverage . Big Pharma still makes lots of money , they are not allowed to rip you off .
    It only makes sense , when you have the entire population insured , every body benefits . I rarely go to the doctor unless I have an infected cut , something that I can’t treat at home . I go more regularly now that I’m a senior because they want you to go in for regular checkups , at least yearly .
    There is a very small percentage of the population that have to seek medical attention and the cost is spread out over all the rest of the population . I would never begrudge anyone the opportunity of getting the medical attention that they need . and someday it might be me . Wouldn’t you like your friends and family to be looked after in their time of need .
    It is no different than the fire department . There aren’t many fires , but when there is , it can be life and death , and you need them . Hope you can get it straightened out . The senator from Vermont knows all about it .

    • I am convinced that the higher eschelon of this country WANT the lower classes to die off!! DIE OFF!!! Robots are going to do all the actual work, and the rich will just go on drinking expensive wines and booze and eating themselves to death (I can only hope).

  7. I like German’s word for “homeless”, obdachlos (shelterless).

    You should watch James Corbett’s video about “philanthropy”. It’s all about billionaires trying to further enrich themselves, not about actually helping people.

  8. Hillary is going to run in 2020. She’s made sure that she’s still visible with her book tour and various campaign style talks. It’s getting late in the game for a democratic primary and they’ve yet to put anybody up. I have no doubt they’ll run Bernie, Hillary and someone else to get a split vote which will demand a second ballot and then the super delegates will weigh in and elect Hillary. The logic being that after 4 years of Trump, disenfranchised democratic voters will be willing to swallow her poison. I hope I’m wrong, but….

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