Brett Kavanaugh on the Brink, Hillary Clinton Should Look Up Medicare For All, GoFundMe!

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Brett Kavanaugh on the Brink, Hillary Clinton Should Look Up Medicare For All, GoFundMe!


13 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh on the Brink, Hillary Clinton Should Look Up Medicare For All, GoFundMe!

  1. BEZOS wants to suddenly be philanthropic & help the homeless & start daycares, because of the tax write off he will get .. Not to help JUST anyone .. BUT specifically to help himself ! .. If he did care about people, he would give his employees a living wage & better working conditions .. Period.

  2. I think that she knows that Brett Kavanauh will most likely try to overturn Roe v Wade and will not represent or stand with the women of America. Its good that she came forward with her story so people can see his character.

  3. Sweet kids – Jenn’s voice is somewhat muffled whereas Jordan comes out loud and clear. Maybe she is not so close to the microphone or needs a few lessons in elocution. All my life I’ve been criticised for speaking through a half closed mouth, Jordan’s lips and mouth move clearly while he articulates. I’m lisening while I write and heard some of Jenn’s speech clearly and then more muffled again -so a slight improvement would suffice.

  4. Polygraph tests are pointless and memory is as ethereal as a dream. Still I’m hopeful that this and other things will derail Kavanaugh’s nomination.

  5. The attempt to overturn roe vs wade has been put into place a long time ago and why I was the only one who knew 100% that garland was going to vote to make abortions illegal maybe he would have said 20 week ban mine as well be completely illegal then

  6. If you look at what happened to Anita Hill, no one with an established career, marriage, family, life would want to go public on this without it being a credible report. Sadly she is going to be dragged thru the muck for her bravery.

  7. I’m not agreeing with you Jen about Obama working for Medicare for All. He did NOT stand up foot Medicare for all, he did NOT stand up for the people in Flint Michigan, he did NOT stand up for the natives at Standing Rock. Barry was a shill. ANDA great great DISappointment.

  8. The goof balls that advocated for a protest vote in the last
    presidential election, can’t complain, they actually voted for Trump
    with their non votes.  Over a hundred federal judges and a possible
    two or more Supreme court judges have/will be appointed for life by
    right wing extremists. Don’t complain if you didn’t vote or voted a
    protest vote.  We will live with this mess for decades to come.

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