Happy 50th Birthday Medicare!

– The Medicare and Medicaid bill passed both houses of congress by an overwhelming vote. President Johnson signs it into law on July 30, 1965. Harry Truman was present at the signing and Johnson helped Truman sign-up for Medicare.

In 1965 before Medicare was passed, nearly half of the elderly in the United States lacked health insurance coverage. Today, just 2% of those over 65 are uninsured.

Keep Medicare intact. By two-to-one margins, people of all political persuasions favor preserving Medicare in its current form, as opposed to replacing it with vouchers or other forms of premium support.

Among people ages 65 and older, 85% of Republicans, 89% of independents, and 92% of Democrats say Medicare is very important. And roughly 90% of those using Medicare and Medicaid report positive experiences with the programs. — Time Magazine

On Thursday, July 30th, 2015, patients, caregivers, providers, policy makers, and neighbors will join together to celebrate Medicare's first 50 years and commit to strengthening, protecting and expanding Medicare for decades to come.

Please join us for a celebration….. visit www.medicareturns50.org or www.nnu.org.

Happy 50th Birthday Medicare!

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