GE Retirees and One Exchange – IMPORTANT Briefing

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General Electric in the news on retiree Medicare options through their exchange, or through independent agents IF you buy the Part D drug plan through the exchange. Seniors can save from $30 to $200 per month by buying the same type of coverage through an individual agent vs. buying through their "exchange" which has a very limited selection of plans available for GE retirees.

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GE Retirees and One Exchange – IMPORTANT Briefing

2 thoughts on “GE Retirees and One Exchange – IMPORTANT Briefing

  1. I just set up on a plan N here in Ohio … my employer was OPERS … can I still change to one of your companies? My plan N doesn’t start until August …? What aboiut my HRA money?

  2. We have Mutual of Omaha and we are paying $185.00 each per month and that is only Medical, prescription is low but the deductible, but we are afraid to leave the exchange because we now have pre-existing conditions. My first husband deceased at age 50 while having worked at GE for 20 years and my current husband who retired in 2008 after 38 years are now struggling to pay these high premiums.

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