Final Expense Insurance Sales Conversation

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Final Expense Insurance Sales Conversation

5 thoughts on “Final Expense Insurance Sales Conversation

  1. I am looking to get into the business and wanted to focus on final expense, having seen your info it really gives me food for thought. I need to be able to work strictly over the phone because it is what works for me and my family.  Do you offer any sort of training?

  2. So true. Small residuals for Final Expense. That little 4-6 percent will fade quick. Good luck keeping over 75 percent of people on the books and chasing them down when they cancel. If you can find the customers, med-sup is the way to go, even some people on Medicaid and Medicare will switch to a medigap plan if they can afford it, because they realize the value.

  3. “The rat wheel …” I call it the gerbil wheel but yes, same idea. A waste of time. And no retention or as some say persistency..

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